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Wilderness Technology Big Mountain 20 Sleeping Bag Review

Wilderness Technology Big Mountain 20 Sleeping Bag Review

Wilderness Technology Big Mountain 20 Sleeping Bag Review

--Product Information--
Product Name: Big Mountain 20
Product Brand: Wilderness Technology
Best Use: Car Camping/Climbing Trips/Vanping
Sizes Available / Specs: ~57"-74"

--Test Information--
Location of Test: United States
Duration: 2 nights

Value Rating: 10
Durability Rating: 10
Overall Rating: 10

Car Camping Wilderness Technology
Vanna White in all her glory.

Full Review: I have been trying to find a two person sleeping bag that is both hardy and palatial enough for the back of my Previa for quite a while. As it happens, most manufacturers are making very light, backpacking style two persons that can get north of 300 dollars and are sourced of high tech fabrics that are not hardy, and certainly not palatial. Then there is the Big Mountain XL 20! Wilderness Technology lined this bag with flannel and pumped it with a very warm synthetic fill that provides a great weight when sleeping. In purchasing this bag, I did not buy a two person backpacking sleeping bag. I bought a bed for the back of my van which is an important distinction to make due to its weight (~10 lbs), this bag would be quite a burden to carry down the trail.

Upon late night arrival at Eightmile Campground in Leavenworth on Friday, my review partner (who has chosen to remain anonymous because this is a 2 person sleeping bag review in the back of my "creepy van") and I squaded up in the Big Mountain XL and slept soundly until morning. Did I mention the flannel lining? After a day of climbing and helping out the good folks at The Leavenworth Mountain Association in the 2015 Icicle Clean Up, we were eager to jump back into the BMXL20 for another great night. My anonymous review partner would like to add that she's never been happier waking up in the back of a van.

Overall I would say that if you have a steezy wagon, killer van, truck bed, or a large tent, and also happen to know somebody who would ostensibly enjoy sharing a sleeping bag with you, the Big Mountain XL 20 from Wilderness Technology is the way to go. For a third and final time, I must make mention of the fact that this bag is flannel lined.

Wilderness Technology Big Mountain 20 Sleeping Bag
Perfect for vanping!

The Good List: Flannel lined for down home comfort feels. Cinchable draft collar. More than enough room to move. Super warm with clothing.

The Not so Good List: Even in the included compression sack, this bag is cumbersome. 

The Bottom Line: Absolutely killer for any car camping activity with somebody you want to sleep with, at a very reasonable price.

Icicle Clean Up
The Icicle Clean Up Crew!




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