2012 Oregon Disc Golf Championship

Another year, another excellent challenge presented by Jeff Hagerty and the Oregon Disc Golf Championships, aka ORDGC.  If you've never had the opportunity to experience Trojan disc golf course in the "Magnum" layout, you're missing out.  If you have had the pleasure of acquantance, then you're probably missing out on a lot of your plastic!  Hagerty and the staff take the mostly tame standard par 55 layout, and rebuild the whole thing into a beautiful mess of hazardous, physically and mentally straining shots. The layout is a par 61 monster of a course that can make just about any golfer shriek in terror as they watch their beloved first-run whatever fly off course and 100 feet off into the liquid grave.  


Tournament Director, Jeff Hagerty

I'm not sure if Jeff has had a chance to count out how many penalty strokes were assessed throughout the weekend due to throwing out-of-bounds, but I'm willing to assume it was in the range of 450.  Out of 76 participants it seemed that each player lost on average 4 discs.  There were some people that escaped with more of their plastic, but there were DEFINITELY people who lost many more than 4.  I personally lost 6 discs!

All you can really do is walk to the edge of the shore, salute your fallen soldier, and move to the next tee.  :/

After a previous run-in with Trojan earleir in the year that didn't bode so well for me, I decided to change my game plan and play the entire tournament with brand new KC Rocs and Z - Comets.  In fact, I headed down to Next Adventure the Friday before the event and stocked up.  For all the accusations that tournament players throw around (punny!) about Innova's consistency problems, the KC Roc has been a tried and true proven performer for years.  I have no fears pulling a brand new, unthrown KC Roc out in a tournament, it WILL fly exactly as I expect it to.  This definitely gave me an advantage through the weekend with my confidence.  Even when I did lose a disc, I was able to shake it off with ease as I had no "attachment" to the disc.  Made for a much more relaxed tournament than last time!

Possibly the most important thing when playing disc golf on courses with lots of water hazards is confidence.  Your mistakes come when you start to second guess yourself, or when you try to compensate your shot to err on the side of caution.  Pick your shot, and execute it!  Once you make your mind, you must commit to it!  This new plan worked out great for me and I ended up winning the Advanced Men's division playing against some very talented players.  Kudos to the three guys that I got to play the final 9 with; David Smith, Bryan Serniotti, and Derek Penfield.  

So another ORDGC has come and gone.  We're all walking the balance of "Can't wait for next year", and "I need to get more plastic...or some scuba gear".  The full results can be found at the PDGA's results page, Oregon Disc Golf Championship.

Until next time,

P.S. Thanks to Chris Brow for the fotos!