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Event Report: Detroit Lake Mud Run

Next Adventure disc golf team member Ryan recently got dirty at the Detroit Lake Mud Run this past weekend! The mud run is a 10K run that puts you through all different types of conditions from trails, to roads, to shallow waters. Read more to find out about the race!

GEAR REVIEW: Black Diamond Vector Helmet

Ryan Gwillim is a spelunker standing at 6'4" and therefore sports the Black Diamond Vector on his outings.  Here is Ryan's review of the product.

USDGC - Monday thru Wednesday

Here's what we've been up to since Sunday...
Monday Qualifying:

USDGC - "Carolina Flyer"

It's now Sunday night.  My knee is throbbing, my back is tight, my feet are sore, and I have HUGE smile on my face!  The plan for Sunday was to play a round at the famous Renaissance Gold disc golf course.  We did that, then after eating lunch and relaxing for an hour at the vacation house, we were hungry for my Carolina fairways!  54 holes later, I'm sitting on the couch with, as stated, a rather sore body, a glass of wine, and Sunday Night Football on the big screen.

USDGC - Here we come!

The day is almost here.  Tomorrow morning, Jeff Hagerty, Chandler Fry and myself are leaving, on a jetplane, for South Carolina to compete in the United States Disc Golf Championships!

2012 Oregon Disc Golf Championship

Another year, another excellent challenge presented by Jeff Hagerty and the Oregon Disc Golf Championships, aka ORDGC.  If you've never had the opportunity to experience Trojan disc golf course in the "Magnum" layout, you're missing out.  If you have had the pleasure of acquantance, then you're probably missing out on a lot of your plastic!  Hagerty and the staff take the mostly tame standard par 55 layout, and rebuild the whole thing into a beautiful mess of hazardous, physically and mentally straining shots. The layout is a par 61 monster of a course that can make just about any golfer shriek in terror as they watch their beloved first-run whatever fly off course and 100 feet off into the liquid grave.  

RoseBud Open

Disc Golf 2012, HERE WE GO!
Disc Golf season is starting to ramp up and the community was able to get a great peak at what a wonderful year we have in store for us.  This past weekend was the Rosebud Open at Timber Park in Estacada.  Flight crew members in attendance were; Cindy McMahan, Dan Carpenter, and myself.  And what a great day it was!


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