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Join us at Scappoose Bay Paddle Center for a clinic on duck and goose kayak hunting that will break down everything you need to know about getting started in kayak hunting for the waterfowl season.  Read more for details!

What're you going to do when your paddle breaks halfway down the river?  Well if you're Next Adventure staffer Adam, you're going to pull out your Accent Rage 4 piece paddle and finish your run!  Read more for Adam's review of this essential product for all whitewater kayakers.

Join Next Adventure for a presentation by adventurer, storyteller, and photographer Daniel Fox about his inspirational project known as The W.I.L.D. Image Project.  Read more for details on the event and when and where it will take place.

Next Adventure staffer Matt "Hammerhands" has been climbing with the Totem Cam to ensure that he will be safe and protected in the event of a fall.  Hammerhands raves about the Cam because of its ability to fit into snug, tight areas.  Read more to find out about this amazing product.

Are you looking for a stable boat that can be enjoyed by paddlers of all abilities?  Then look no further!  Next Adventure staffer Adam reviews the Perception Carolina 12 and raves about its ease of use.  Read more to find out if this is the kayak for you!

Next Adventure staffer Adam has been hitting the coast and touring in the Wilderness Systems Tempest 165 for the past year.  Adam knows his way around kayaks, and he delivers a review of this bad boy.  Read more for details to find out if this is the touring kayak for you!

Are you curious about the mushrooms you see on the side of the trail?  Do you want to learn more about these beatiful, mysterious fungi?  Then read more to find out about our FREE presentation!

Who's ready to get into the Canadian Rockies and ski some powder? Our Big Red Cat Skiing Adventure can help turn your dream into a reality! Read more for details about this exciting trip.

The Portland Boulder Rally is one of the largest bouldering competitions in the country!  Join us for this all day event where there will be fierce competition, an outdoor industry expo, local food and beer, and much more.  Read more for details.

Are you looking for a kayak that will fulfill your "do it all" needs whether you're a beginner or an expert?  Then check Next Adventure staffer Adam's review of the Dagger Mamba which he views as one of the best one boat quivers money can buy.  Read more for details.