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Next Adventure staffer Adam Edwards recently took the Solstice Bali inflatable SUP out for a rip on the Clackamas River. Read more to see how the Bali performed through the rapids!

Check out the review of the affordable Wilderness Technology X-Weave Sleeping Pad.  Next Adventure Staffer Lauren Melevin puts the X-Weave to the test on her 5 day camping trip on the Deschutes River and Salmon River.  Read more to find out what she thinks!

The 31st Annual Upper Clackamas Whitewater Festival took place May 17-18 and was a sight for paddlers of all sorts.  Next Adventure staffer Adam Edwards breaks down the trip and all the details that took place.  Read more to find out about this unique event.

Next Adventure staffer Taylor Hazen gives us his report on Kalama Falls, WA, a 40' waterfall near the base of Mt. St. Helens.  Read more for his description of the area and a video displaying this massive drop.

The Big Agnes Spike Lake 14 is a lightweight sleeping bag that provides top notch features.  The Spike Lake 14 comes equipped with DownTek water repellant down insulation.  Here is a review from Next Adventure staffer Taylor Hazen on this stellar sleeping bag.

The Tualatin River Discovery Day is an event hosted by the Tualatin Riverkeepers designed to enlighten the community on the beautiful Tualatin River, the environment, the history of the river, and much much more.  Read more to find out about the details.  Hope to see you there!

The FLUX athletes have teamed up with Next Adventure to lead a series of women specific workshops. Charge the river with Special Guest Instructor Heather Herbeck and learn the fundamentals of whitewater kayaking and river safety. Sign up now if you want to get acquainted into the great world of whitewater kayaking!

My name is Julie and I moved to Portland from Austin, TX a couple of years ago.  Working in the office at Next Adventure I am surrounded by people doing RAD adventurous things all the time- from backcountry skiing to climbing mountains, racing mountain bikes and kayaking down waterfalls.  I had never done the Kayaking/Camping trip before, so when I saw this trip was happening, I had to go!

Taylor Hazen is a Next Adventure employee at the Paddle Sports Center. Taylor is consistently testing the limits of top-tier products and gives us his take on a classic whitewater kayak: the Nomad Dagger.

The Wilderness Systems Zephyr 155 is a touring kayak designed for smaller paddlers who prefer maximum control. Both models, the Zehpyr 155 and Zephyr 155 pro, were put to the test by Next Adventure's own Patrick Higgins. Strong winds combined with large swells at the Oregon Coast provided a unique opportunity for Patrick to push these products and develop a comparable review.