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Next Adventure staffer Adam recently took a day trip out to the beautiful Indian Beach to give the Bic Ace-Tec SUP a rip in the surf zone. The new Ace-Tec lineup has a diverse range and a board for everyone.  Read Adam's review to find out which one works for you!

Next Adventure staffer Adam recently led the final Carnage/Confidence Run of the 2014 summer.  It was a bittersweet ending to the good times and took place at an uncommon spot due to forest fires.  Read more to find out about where they went and the night boofing that took place!

Future Next Adventure staffer Ben tried tearing up the summer park at Timberline for a few days on the Flux DM 30 bindings.  Ben's into ripping fast, hitting the park, and flying high off the booters, so naturally he was pretty pumped on the DM 30's.  Read more to find out about these sweet binders!

Next Adventure staffer recently took the Hydro Flask Wide Mouth 40 oz water bottle on his camping trip to High Lake and was pleasantly surprised at it's effectiveness.  Dan delivers the pros and cons of these awesome water bottles within his gear review, so read more to find out if the hype is real.  

Next Adventure staffer Dan just camped in a great, isolated spot near Indian Henry Campground in the Mt. Hood National Forest and didn't run into a single other hiker on the trail.  Daniel fills us in on his trip and describes who can handle the hike.  Read more to find out about this great camping area.

Next Adventure staffer Andrew recently took the Dagger Alchemy 14 out for a rip to Arch Cape, Oregon.  Andrew raves about the wide range of paddlers this boat can entertain and how fun it is to blast through waves and rock garden.  Read more to find out if this is the boat for you!

The Willamette Riverkeeper is a non-profit dedicated to protecting, restoring, and celebrating Oregon's great Willamette River.  Join us and the Willamette Riverkeepers as we help clean the beautiful resource that is located in our backyard.  You use it, so why not help clean it?

Next Adventure staffer Andrew prefers surviving with his friends whenever they hit the river, and that's why he uses a 75 foot throw bag. Andrew tells us why the longer the rope the better and safer within his gear review.  Read more to find out why you should never hit the water without one of these bad boys.

Next Adventure team climber Scott "Plaid" Peterson has set off on a climbing adventure around Yosemite!  He will be continuously updating us during his trip, sometimes even from the wall itself!  Read more to follow along, and be sure to continually check back for updates!

Next Adventure staffer Tanner is a kayak fishing enthusiast, and this past summer he used the Wilderness Systems Tarpon 140 for his paddling needs.  Tanner was impressed with the combination of stability and speed provided by the Tarpon.  Read more to find out if this is the boat for you.