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Next Adventure Disc Golf Team member Cindy has been launching discs while her feet have been comfortable and protected in the Keen Nasu disc golf shoes. Cindy has found these shoes to be a trooper due to their waterproofing and breathability. Read more for the full review and let those discs rip!

Next Adventure staffer Andrew has been rocking out with the Goal Zero Rock Out Speakers over the past year and finds them to be a perfect complement to campfires. The Rock Out Speakers are a great, durable device that protects your phone while it plays. Read more for the full review!

Next Adventure staffer Andrew has been firing up tasty meals on the Camp Chef Rainier Stove/Griddle combo lately and raves about this camp stove. Whether you're cooking up brats at the skatepark or taking a weekend trip to the campground, the Rainier is the perfect companion. Read more for the full review and don't forget to kiss the cook!

Next Adventure staffer recently paddled the Grand Canyon with a few others and lived to tell the tale! Even after they lost both maps! Many dream of paddling the famous Colorado River as it winds through the Grand Canyon, but Patrick made it a reality this past January. Read more for the full report!

Next Adventure staffer soaked up the sun at Timberline Lodge over the weekend for a day of spring skiing. Even though we've been lacking snow for the majority of the season, there are still some great corduroy turns to be had up at Mt. Hood. Read more for the full report and get out there!

I bought the Salomon Quest for demanding use on abusive terrain, and it has surpassed all my expectations. It is light and flexible enough to allow for natural foot movement, but gives enough support and protection for steep, rocky, or wet hikes and backpacking trips. Read more for the full review!

New for 2016 from Portland, Oregon's ON3P is their first ever women's dedicated line: the Jessie. The ON3P crew are great friends of Next Adventure; they have been hand building skis (as a company) for five seasons now, and their largest priority is building the best skis possible. They are a small group of dedicated skiers who live their product, and after riding all of their skis, Next Adventure stands behind their products as well.

The 2016 Salomon Snowboard lineup looks as strong as ever. Salomon is continuing their "5 Ways To Slay" line which is their freestyle/freeride series featuring pro model boards that adhere to the style of their respective riders. 5 pros, 5 pro model boards, and 5 bindings that are made for each specific riding style. Read more for the more sneak peeks from the 2016 Salomon Snowboard line!

This seminar will precede our Lake Merwin kayak kokanee social to be held two days later. In this seminar I will focus on outfitting, gear, tackle, lures, and techniques for trolling and jigging for kokanee. Plus there will be BEER!

There is a hidden gem of Wilderness less than 50 miles from Portland that most folk don't know about.  The Table Rock Wilderness has some of the best mountain views around, with snowy peaks visible from central Washington to southern Oregon.  Check out Greg's Valentine adventure there.