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Octopus Caught While Kayak Fishing (Amazing Video!)

While fishing up in Washington, Bryce Molenkamp, the Northwest Regional Hobie Fishing Team member, hooked into a big octopus which he originally thought was a snag.  I was able to get some nice underwater shots of it next to his kayak.  The fishing was slow, but this made things interesting as it took about a half hour for Bryce and another kayak fishermen to wrestle it into a bag. 

Tight lines!
-Jeff Anderson (Next Adventure Kayak Fishing Team)

NA Willy Dino Tournament

Saturday January 15th Next Adventure hosted their first annual “Next Adventure Willy Dino Tournament”.  This was a kayak fishing tournament targeting sturgeon, meaning that all angling needed to be done from a kayak.  Saturday was a great day to be out fishing, the air temperature was in the mid 50’s and rain was forecasted, which would keep traffic down on the water.  River levels were a bit high, but manageable with only a few logs moving down river.  There were ten competitors, for this event.  Most split into two groups, with a crew of four on the Columbia River and a group of five guys