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Bishop Part 2

This is video number 2 of our trip to Bishop, California.This last edit was just for fun and to get psyched on a return visit sometime hopefully in the near future.Here, we are climbing through out the Sad and Happy Boulders and having fun exploring some local stores.

Southern California Bouldering

Last week Nolan and I took a week to visit our brother in San Diego. While there, we figured we check out some of the local Californian Granite. Woodson Mountain was a half hour drive out of town and the Tramway was about a 2 hour drive North (totally worth it).

A Day at Leavenworth

Leavenworth Bouldering, Icicle Canyon

Nolan and I accompanied by a couple friends took the six hour drive to Leavenworth, late Father's Day. We drove through Icicle Canyon, arriving at the Forrestland parking lot at the ungodly hour of 3 a.m. We then set up camp; very happy that our Mountain Safety Research tent (the Elbow Room 2 person) only requires a couple minutes to set up. With four  pieces, it takes little to no brain power - lucky for us. After doing some star gazing we wondered up to the boulders to check out what was on the next day's busy agenda.

The Mad Rock Mad Pads

As mentioned in a previous post, I'm a fan of Mad Rock's Mad Pads. They're economical, they're big (the triple is 44" by 70"), they do the job and even a little more because you can turn them into comfy chair around the camp fire! 

Next Adventure Bouldering In Bishop Video

Next Adventure Team members, Nolan, Alex and I took a trip to Bishop, California back in April. We all had an amazing time climbing on the infamous granite and tuff boulders. The problems were tall, the movement was fun and of course the mountains in the background were beautiful!

Oregon Climbing

Micah Bishop from Next Adventure on Angular Motion, Carver

The recent and pleasant change in weather has brought a change in pace and priorities. Nolan and I have been getting outside as much as possible and have switched it up a bit with a focus on sport climbing (although still bouldering plenty). 

Bishop Trip!

Bishop Climbing Camp The Pit

Had an amazing week at Bishop earlier this April. The scenery and rock quality exceeded my hopes and expectations! The little town was pretty cool too. Definitely worth the 15 hour drive.

Climbing Shoe Review: Evolv Shamans

Micah Bishop on Chain Reaction, Smith Rock, Oregon

I've got a lot of good things to say about the Evolv Shaman climbing shoes. Let's see, where to start?