5 Day Backpacking Trip - Pacific Crest Trail

Join Next Adventure for a unique backpacking trip through some of the most scenic sections of the Oregon Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail, between Mt. Jefferson and Mt. Hood.  Learn how to lighten your load like a thru-hiker on a shorter trip.   


Spring has sprung!  The wildflowers are blooming and Next Adventure has trips and classes to inform and excite you about the northwest nature you love. Read on for a Northwest Spring Wildflower Update and more details about what Next Adventure offers you!


Cool and damp, like a Columbia River Gorge hike should be, with spots of sun to warm things up and illuminate the moss electric green.  With views of the river from rocky outcrops, the monolith of Beacon Rock, waterfalls, the deep green woods, and wildflowers galore leaping out of the mossy forest duff, the hike to Rodney Falls and Little Beacon Rock makes for a perfect March hike in the CRG.

Trip Report: Baja Mexico Motorcycle Camping

Lawrence Newman has undertaken a motorcycle journey from Portland all the way to South America and gives us an update on his first leg of the trip: Baja California. Lawrence had quite the trip as he navigated south through the desert and provides guidance on how you can make this trip a reality. Read more for the full update!

Marmot Limestone 4 Review

Next Adventure staffer Matt forked up for the living room of tents: the Marmot Limestone 4. Matt fills us in on how spacious, comfortable, and livable the Limestone 4 is with two people sleeping. Read more for the full review!

Thru Hiking Presentation

Join Next Adventure and Whitney "AllGood" LaRuffa as he hosts a FREE presentation on thru hiking! He'll go through everything you need to know including gear, where to go, when to go, how to plan, and much much more. Whitney is an extremely experienced thru hiker and an excellent source to learn from. We hope you can join us as we prepare for the thru hiking season!

Pelican 1020 Micro Case Review

Next Adventure staffer Dan is always on the water and faces the question as old as time, "what the heck do I do with my phone while I'm paddling?" Answer: lock it away in a Pelican 1020 Micro Case! If you're skeptical of their effectiveness, read more to find out about Dan's home test to test if they are fully waterproof.

Gerber Sport Axe II Review

Next Adventure staffer Andrew has been chopping up logs with the Gerber Sport Axe II and raves about the ease of use, blade, and handle. If you're the recreational fire enthusiast, this is the tool for you. Read more for the full review!


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