Wilderness Technology Expedition II Review

Next Adventure staffer Rachel recently camped under the stars in the Wilderness Technology Expedition II tent and loved the open, panoramic views without the rain fly. This tent is ideal for casual campers thanks to its inexpensive price. Read more for Rachel's full review!

Grayl Legend Review

Before a recent trip to Central America, I went to my trusted local outdoor store, Next Adventure, looking for a simple water filter hoping to avoid spending my relatively short trip dealing with an intestinal tract adjusting to the local bugs. I wanted to see beaches, not toilets.

Mountain Hardwear Fluid 18 Review

Next Adventure staffer Rem has been tearing up the trails on some sceninc day hikes around the Pacific Northwest and has trusted the Mountain Hardwear Fluid 18 as his pack of choice. The Fluid 18 is an ideal pack for saving weight without sacrificing space, so read more for Rem's full review!

Trip Report: Zigzag Mountain Trail

There are a lot of great places to go backpacking around northwest Oregon. From the coast to the gorge to the high Cascades - take your pick.

Usually at this time of year in the Spring, I'm aiming to hike the lower elevation trails to avoid the lingering mounds of snow that add time and difficulty to the hike.  But this year's mountain snow has already melted away, and so I'm hitting the trails I usually save for July and August.

One of the most challenging trails on Mt. Hood National Forest is the Zigzag Mountain Trail.

Wilderness Technology Dragon River Dry Pack Review

Next Adventure staffer needs to keep his belongings dry whether he's leading a class around the Willamette River, commuting in the rain, or just hanging out near a hose. He's trusted the Wilderness Technology Dragon River Dry Pack for this task, and it has succeeded! Read more for Dan's full review.

7 Wonders Of Oregon Presentation

What are the 7 wonders of Oregon? They are the amazing natural spaces you can discover here in Oregon: majestic Mt. Hood, the incredible Columbia River Gorge, the awesome Oregon Coast, the pretty Painted Hills, spectacular Smith Rock, the wonderful Wallowas, and indescribable Crater Lake.

Free Backpacking at Elevation Clinic

Learn how to be prepared for hiking and backpacking at elevation at our free clinic. Experienced Next Adventure staff will provide a philosophical overview of backpacking, discuss tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, stoves and other gear, and provide tips and tricks to make your next trip to higher elevations safer and more comfortable.

Trip Report: Timberline Trail

Next Adventure staffer Aaron recently took a trip around Mt. Hood on the Timberline Trail! This trial provides surreal views as you get a new perspective of Oregon depending on which section of the trial you're on. Read more for Aaron's full review!


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