Walking the Camino - Free Presentation

Every year, people from all over the world come to trek along one of the pilgrimage routes from The Pyrenees to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. Join us, as veteran pilgrim Heather Knight shares her experiences as well as advice for those planning to make the trek. *** Topics covered will include the routes, gear, planning, travel arrangements and preparation.

Burning Man 2014 Preparation

Next Adventure staffer Julie is getting ready for Burning Man and she shares her packing list, appropriate gear, and other helpful tips as she prepares for the festival.  Read more to find out how you can get ready for Burning Man 2014!

Trip Report: Olallie Lakes National Scenic Area

Mt. Jefferson's snowy peak juts up above the trees across the lake from our camp site.
An osprey circles around and then plunges into the round, blue lake, sending out ripples across the surface.
Nestled up against the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness at the southern end of Mt. Hood National Forest, the Olallie Lakes National Scenic Area is a remote, often overlooked, slice of sub-alpine heaven.  Dozens of lakes fill glacier-scoured basins on top of a broad, rolling plateau.  Volcanic cinder cones offer panoramic views of the lakes, forested hills, and glaciated peaks of Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Hood, and other Cascade Mountain summits.

Pacific Crest Trail Days

PCT DAYS is a great time for people to learn about the latest outdoor products from event sponsors, participate in free classes, join a trail work party, see a photography slideshow by Outdoor View- finder, and watch the documentary movie, “The Meaning of Wild.”  Read more for details on this fun, FREE event!

Gear Review: Gerber E-Z Out Skeleton

Next Adventure staffer Adam needs a technical knife for all his paddling needs and a not-so-technical knife for his sandwiches, but the E-Z Out Skeleton fulfills both roles!  Read more for Adam's opinion on this solid blade.  

Gear Review: Watershed Ocoee Waterproof Bag

If Next Adventure staffer Taylor didn't work at the Paddle Sports Center, he would be living in his kayak paddling and filming 24/7.  Taylor often takes his camera on the water and trusts one bag to keep it dry: the Watershed Ocoee.  Read more to find out about this awesome product and a video explaining how to use it.

Backpacking Clinic

If you are interested in backpacking, this is the clinic for you. The Next Adventure Outreach team will provide a philosophical overview of backpacking, discuss tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, stoves and other gear, and provide tips and tricks to make your trip safer and more comfortable.

Gear Review: Hydroflask Water Bottle

Next Adventure staffer Adam needs water to survive, and as of lately he has been consuming this beverage out of a Hydroflask.  Whether you prefer cold or hot drinks, the Hydroflask can keep it at the temperature you like.  Read more to find out about this exciting product.


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