Trip Report: Wind River

Next Adventure guide Patrick recently led our Intermediate Creeking Class to the Wind River for some interactive teaching!  The class dropped waterfalls, perfected their technique through video analysis, and overall had a blast.  Read more to learn about our classes and find out if this is the one for you!

Stand Up Paddlebaording

Next Adventure staffer Aaron loves introducing people to water sports.  As of lately, he has been teaching individuals from all walks of life the art of the Stand Up Paddleboard.  Aaron shares how he overcame his doubts and fell in love with the sport; read more for details and to register for his SUP class.

Gear Review: Sweet Protection Rocker Full Face Helmet

Next Adventure staffer Adam has cycled through helmets, but has landed on the Sweet Protection Rocker Full Face as his noggin' protector of choice.  After all, you've gotta protect your head, so why not go with the best?  Read more for details.

Gear Review: Sweet Protection Strutter

Next Adventure staffer Adam needs to protect his dome (as does any person) while paddling and has recently been using the Sweet Protection Strutter.  Adam gives his opinion on the best uses for this helmet and much more.  Read more for details.

Gear Review: Immersion Research Kling-On Sprayskirt

Next Adventure staffer Andrew needs to stay dry and warm while paddling the rivers of the Pacific Northwest.  His go-to sprayskirt for for less-intense runs is the Immersion Research Kling-On.  Read more for information, first-hand use, and a video explaining the product.

Trip Report: Beacon Rock / Pierce National Wildlife Refuge

Next Adventure staffer Michael paddled around Beacon Rock this past weekend and had a great combination of beautiful wildlife, good weather, and good company. Check out his report if you're looking for a great spot to do some kayak touring.  

Gear Review: Sweet Protection Rocker

Next Adventure staffer Andrew needs a solid brain bucket for all the burly the rivers he runs, and his helmet of choice is the Sweet Protection Rocker.  Andrew has been using the rocker for the past 4 years and delivers a review accompanied with photos of him absolutely sending it.  Read more for details!

Gear Review: Kokatat Meridian

Next Adventure staffer Taylor basically lives in his kayak, so staying dry and warm is of the utmost importance.  Taylor prefers the Kokatat Meridian when it comes to staying dry, and here he delivers a review of his favorite dry suit.  Read more to learn about this great suit!


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