Gear Review: Sea to Summit eVent Compression Dry Sack

Next Adventure staffer Adam was recently in the damp rivers of Alaska on a multi day paddling excursion.  How did he keep his essentials dry you ask?  The Sea to Summit Compression Dry Sack.  Read more to find out why this dry sack is great for paddling excursions or anywhere you need to save space.

Trip Journal: Nova Scotia or Sink

Next Adventure staffer Michael has begun his epic trip to paddle in Nova Scotia!  While there, Michael will be advancing his paddling certifications, paddling in rad areas along the east coast, and many other shenanigans.  Read more to keep up with Michael including photos and videos from his trip!

Gear Review: Wilderness Systems Zephyr 16

Next Adventure staffer Adam has been playing around in the fun, tippy Zephyr 16 and surfing it around the Oregon Coast.  Adam delivers his review of this fun touring kayak that is more for intermediate to advanced paddlers.  Read more for details to find out if this is the kayak for you!

Duck and Goose Kayak Hunting Clinic with Steve Van Dyke

Join us at Scappoose Bay Paddle Center for a clinic on duck and goose kayak hunting that will break down everything you need to know about getting started in kayak hunting for the waterfowl season.  Read more for details!

Gear Review: Accent Rage 4 Piece Breakdown Paddle

What're you going to do when your paddle breaks halfway down the river?  Well if you're Next Adventure staffer Adam, you're going to pull out your Accent Rage 4 piece paddle and finish your run!  Read more for Adam's review of this essential product for all whitewater kayakers.

Gear Review: Perception Carolina 12

Are you looking for a stable boat that can be enjoyed by paddlers of all abilities?  Then look no further!  Next Adventure staffer Adam reviews the Perception Carolina 12 and raves about its ease of use.  Read more to find out if this is the kayak for you!

Gear Review: Wilderness Systems Tempest 165

Next Adventure staffer Adam has been hitting the coast and touring in the Wilderness Systems Tempest 165 for the past year.  Adam knows his way around kayaks, and he delivers a review of this bad boy.  Read more for details to find out if this is the touring kayak for you!

Gear Review: Dagger Mamba Pro Creeker

Are you looking for a kayak that will fulfill your "do it all" needs whether you're a beginner or an expert?  Then check Next Adventure staffer Adam's review of the Dagger Mamba which he views as one of the best one boat quivers money can buy.  Read more for details.


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