Beacon Rock and Pierce Wildlife Refuge Guided Tour

See the Columbia Gorge from from the beautiful views on the water!  This tour will be full of breathtaking views, beautiful wildlife, and a calming paddle around famous areas on the Columbia.  Plus lunch is included, so why not join us?  Read more for details.

Gear Review: Dagger Alchemy 14

Next Adventure staffer Adam has paddled many kayaks of different shapes and sizes.  Adam has been using the Dagger Alchemy 14 for more flat water touring classes as of lately.  Read more for Adam's opinion on this kayak that is outstanding for beginners. 

Event Report: Outdoor GPS Demo Day

Next Adventure staffer Patrick attended the Outdoor GPS demo day where everything fishing was covered.  Many attendees demoed various Hobie products and were pleasantly surprised by how they performed on moving water.  Read more for details!

Trip Report: Arch Cape, Oregon

Next Adventure staffer Patrick recently attempted an Arch Cape to Manzanita paddle, but when conditions changed at the coast, so did their plans.  Patrick describes the area, fun surfing and rock gardening, and all the other trials and tribulations of a paddling trip.  Read more for details.

Trip Report: Green Truss White Salmon River

Next Adventure staffer Adam recently paddled the Green Truss portion of the White Salmon River.  This section does not lack intensity as it is primarily Class IV+ and V rapids.  Read more for details about how to navigate the falls, firsthand experiences and much more. 

Chinook Trail Presentation

Have you ever dreamed of a 100-300 mile trail in the Columbia Gorge?  Well come on through thru-hikers!  Whitney "Allgood" LaRuffa is giving this FREE presentation to fill you in on making this a reality.  Read more for details!

Walking the Camino - Free Presentation

Every year, people from all over the world come to trek along one of the pilgrimage routes from The Pyrenees to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. Join us, as veteran pilgrim Heather Knight shares her experiences as well as advice for those planning to make the trek. *** Topics covered will include the routes, gear, planning, travel arrangements and preparation.

Gear Review: Olukai Kulapa Kai Flip-Flop

Summertime is the season to let your toes out, and what better way than in some stylish flip-flops?  Next Adventure staffer Brenda has been sporting the Kulapa Kai flip-flops all summer and enlightens us on how they've been holding up.  Read more for details on these great kicks!


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