Trip Report: Paddling Scappoose Bay

Scappoose Bay Paddling instructors Andy, Steven, and Beau went on an adventure out in Scappoose Bay! Read on to learn all about they awesome day on the water... 

Gear Review: P&H Cetus HV Sea Kayak

Kayak School Program Manager Patrick took out the P&H Cetus HV and tested it out for all it was worth, paddling from Dodson Park to Hayden Island. Read on to learn more... 

Black Diamond issues voluntary recall on Carabiners & Runners

Black Diamond has issued a voluntary recall on select carabiners, quickdraws, and nylon runners. Click to read more.

Free Outdoor Skills Clinics at Next Adventure - 2016 Schedule

Next Adventure has more ways for you to get stoked and learn about what you love to do in the outdoors!

Our 2016 Schedule of Free 2nd Tuesday Skills Clinics has been posted at:

We'll be updating that list as more special presentations are scheduled, but you know that there will always be a clinic hosted by Next Adventure staff the second Tuesday of every month.  Clinics are held at the Grand Avenue Store, starting at 7 pm.

Read on to see what we've got in store for you!

Mt. Hood Ski Bowl 80's Night

Join us for this totally tubular 80's night up on the mountain! 

Trekking Patagonia Presentation w/ Evelyn Salinas

Evelyn Salinas, a native of Punta Arenas, Chile, has been leading adventure trips through Chilean Patagonia for more than 10 ​years. After hiking almost all the continents on earth and moving to Seattle, she founded Crux Expeditions, which offers unique trips to explore the Patagonia and its abundant vistas and wildlife, enjoying glaciers, mountains, whales, penguins, and herds of guanacos. 

Flooded Forest Tour

The water levels have finally spiked allowing us to put this fan favorite back on the schedule! mingle with blue heron, migratory birds, and beaver as we weave in between trees and see the magic of Scappoose Bay at High Water. Includes ACA certified Guide, Kayak, PFD, and Paddle. Please dress for the weather and be prepared for rain.

Backcountry Skiing & Snowboarding Clinic

Things are different away from the groomies. Learn from Cody Booth how to prepare for and make the most of your back-country skiing or splitboarding experience.


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