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Trip Report: Pacific Crest Trail Backpack

Thru-hikers on the PCT have hiked over 2000 miles by the time they cross Oregon.  The main pack is coming through our neck of the woods right now.  If you want to get to know some of the hardy souls that make this epic journey, now is the time to get out on the trail. Next Adventure Outdoor School led a guided backpacking tour for a section hike along the PCT to learn the ins and outs of long-distance hiking.
We have another 5-day backpacking trip along the PCT planned in September, and you can still join us.
And don't miss PCT Days in Cascade Locks on the Columbia River this weekend (8/28-30), where you can meet the thru-hikers and see the latest in ultra-light gear.
Read more for the PCT Trip Report ...

Trip Report: Columbia River Coho Salmon Fishing

The Columbia has been great for salmon fishing lately! Next Adventure fishing team member Jeff breaks down just how amazing it's been on the water over the past month. Read more for some insider information!

Gear Review: Wilderness Systems Zephyr 16

Next Adventure staffer Adam has been playing around in the fun, tippy Zephyr 16 and surfing it around the Oregon Coast.  Adam delivers his review of this fun touring kayak that is more for intermediate to advanced paddlers.  Read more for details to find out if this is the kayak for you!

PCT Days 2014 Event Report

Pacific Crest Trail Days was bigger and better than ever this year.  A record number of people attended, there were more sponsors and booths, and more thru-hikers at the event than ever before.  Summery Columbia Gorge weather made for a perfect weekend.

Gear Review: Wilderness Systems Tempest 165

Next Adventure staffer Adam has been hitting the coast and touring in the Wilderness Systems Tempest 165 for the past year.  Adam knows his way around kayaks, and he delivers a review of this bad boy.  Read more for details to find out if this is the touring kayak for you!

The Thru-hikers are coming!

With Summer PCT thru-hikers approaching the end of the trail, there are some exciting upcoming events taking place to celebrate these dedicated individuals.  One of the main attractions is PCT days on Thunder Island this weekend!  Read more for details and how to learn more about the Pacific Crest Trail.

Trip Report: Olallie Lakes 3-Day Backpack

Next Adventure guide and outdoor guru Greg recently led the Olallie Lakes Backpacking trip and provides us with an awesome recap describing the trip.  Read more to learn what takes place during these trips, photos of the beautiful area, and much more.  See you on a backpacking trip soon!

Trip Report: Olallie Lakes National Scenic Area

Mt. Jefferson's snowy peak juts up above the trees across the lake from our camp site.
An osprey circles around and then plunges into the round, blue lake, sending out ripples across the surface.
Nestled up against the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness at the southern end of Mt. Hood National Forest, the Olallie Lakes National Scenic Area is a remote, often overlooked, slice of sub-alpine heaven.  Dozens of lakes fill glacier-scoured basins on top of a broad, rolling plateau.  Volcanic cinder cones offer panoramic views of the lakes, forested hills, and glaciated peaks of Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Hood, and other Cascade Mountain summits.


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