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Trip Report: Smith Rock

 We left Portland convoy style, with Vanna White playing the role of proverbial vanguard on Friday around noon. By 16:30 tents were up at Skull Hollow Campground and we were entering the Park. We stayed near the entrance in the boulder field until just before sunset when we went back and got our fire going. Shootdang the High Desert gets cold at night. In any case, we were on the rocks at the Dihedrals by 7:30 and had a wonderful day.

Gear Review: Totem Cam

Next Adventure staffer Matt "Hammerhands" has been climbing with the Totem Cam to ensure that he will be safe and protected in the event of a fall.  Hammerhands raves about the Cam because of its ability to fit into snug, tight areas.  Read more to find out about this amazing product.

Bike Tour 2012: From the forest to the desert

Biking toward John Day
Biking from Smith Rock toward John Day, Oregon

I am writing this blog while sitting on a bench in front of a tiny little mercantile in the old mining town of Mitchell, Oregon. It is dark out but the tempertaure is perfect, there are locals chatting on the street corner, and the crickets are chirping away. I am enjoying a deep sense of contentment. Even my belly is happy after chowing down on a huge dinner of macaroni, velveeta cheese, and chicken apple sausage. 

Oregon Climbing

Micah Bishop from Next Adventure on Angular Motion, Carver

The recent and pleasant change in weather has brought a change in pace and priorities. Nolan and I have been getting outside as much as possible and have switched it up a bit with a focus on sport climbing (although still bouldering plenty). 

Climbing Shoe Review: Evolv Shamans

Micah Bishop on Chain Reaction, Smith Rock, Oregon

I've got a lot of good things to say about the Evolv Shaman climbing shoes. Let's see, where to start?

Smith Rock Climbing Trips

I recently took a trip out to Smith Rock with Micah and Nolan Bishop to do some sport climbing.  We filmed the trip and put together these two videos.  Check em out!


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