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Gear Review: Petzl Djinn Quickdraw

Next Advenuture staffer Matt "Hammerhands" has been sport climbing with the Petzl Djinn Quickdraw and Carabiners over the past month and has fallen in love. There are some areas where these quickdraws do not excel, but for sport climbing, Hammerhands believes there is nothing better for the price. Read more for the full review!

Gear Review: Scarpa Vapor V Climbing Shoe

Next Adventure staffer "Hammerhands" has been bouldering and sport climbing in the Scarpa Vapor V's over the past year, and they are still kicking serious butt.  Hammerhands goes in great detail describing the fit, style of climbing, comparable shoes, and much more within his review.  Read more to find out if these are the climbing shoes for you!

Oregon Climbing

Micah Bishop from Next Adventure on Angular Motion, Carver

The recent and pleasant change in weather has brought a change in pace and priorities. Nolan and I have been getting outside as much as possible and have switched it up a bit with a focus on sport climbing (although still bouldering plenty). 

Smith Rock Climbing Trips

I recently took a trip out to Smith Rock with Micah and Nolan Bishop to do some sport climbing.  We filmed the trip and put together these two videos.  Check em out!


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