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Alpha Snowboard Boot - 2017


Thanks to the Alpha, you can spend more time shredding and less time searching for cash. With a performance-driven design, it sports an SCL Single for convenient and reliable lacing and a new softer construction. Lean and mean, the Alpha is the answer.

Comfort Flex Liner - Plain and simple, the Comfort Flex will make your feet smile. As soon as you step into these liners, your feet will feel at home and ready to ride. These liners firmly hold feet in place, maximizing comfort.

Dupont Surlyn Highback - The highback contributes to the durability and stability of the boot. Combined with additional reinforcements, the highback also aids in dictating its stiffness.

Easy Flex For Maximun Comfort - This design provides maximum comfort. The boot’s flex window prevents it from buckling and bulging.

D-Lug - Deeluxe's new, patent-pending D-Lug outsole is designed to better cushion and cradle your feet. Dual impact zones provide enhanced traction and absorb vibrations. To provide additional cushioning, the sole features independent lugs that work like suspension. The new outsole also acts as a frame that enhances the support and stability of the boot.

SCL Single - A single handle allows you to adjust the heel zone or the forefoot and shaft zone.


Closure: SCL Single

Liner: Comfort Flex Liner

Thermo-moldable Liner: No

Flex: 3 - Soft

Sole: D-Lug

Midsole: EVA

Manufacturer Warranty: Contact Deeluxe for warranty information