Questions for our Local Portland Customers

Organization discounts

"I'm a Boy Scout/Girl Scout/Mazamas member/Other group that's local to Portland and gets a discount in the store. Does my discount apply to the online store?"

Yes! As of June 1st, we are coordinating with many of the organizations we've partnered with in the past, and extending their discount online. Your membership coordinator has a coupon code that you can enter during checkout for your club's discount. Look for your coupon code in your club's newsletter or website, or contact your membership coordinator and ask about the Next Adventure discount.

If your club isn't set up with a coupon code yet, contact us ([email protected]) and we'll get things figured out

Will Call

"I live just across town, can I buy something online and pick it up at the shop and avoid any shipping charges?"

Yes. You can now choose to have your order made available at one of our two Portland, Oregon locations. If you chose In Store Pickup your order will be available on the next business day after 4pm (Mon-Fri) or after 2pm (Sat-Sun) at the location you chose. So come on down, pick up the gear you need, shop for more gear, and see some smiling faces!

Returns/Exchanges at the store

"I bought something online but want to return/exchange it. Can I just come to the store?"

Typicall not, online returns/exchanges need to be handled through our online customer service first. Occasionally we can walk you through the return process and have you drop it off at the store afterwards. Please always call the web sales team first when making a return. Please see the Return/Exchange Policy for our online store for details.

Product Differences

"Are the prices any cheaper online?"

Generally no. There might be occasional "Web-only" deals on product that is only available in our online store, but the vast majority of the time the prices will be the same in the store or online.

Online Gift Certificates

"Can Gift Certificates bought at the store be used online?"

Not at this time. This might change in the future.

"Can Gift Certificates bought online be used at the store?"

When puchasing a gift card online, you will be asked to choose one of the following:
1. "Send via Email for Online use only" - These gift certificates may ONLY be use on our Website.
2. "Send via Postal mail for use in Store only" - These gift certificates may only be use at either of our two Retail Locations located in Portland, Or.

All Customers (Local and Online Browsers)

Phone Orders

"Can you ship my phone or special order?"

We can try to accommodate existing customers' special orders, but we are not set up to efficiently ship items from our store. This will be left up to a dept. head's discretion.