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Pro Angler 12 Kayak MirageDrive 180 - 2017

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Dominate the water, fresh or salt. The Pro Angler 12 deploys all the big-boat fishing features of the ‘PA’ series on a 12-ft. long platform that fits neatly in the back of most any pickup truck.

Keep a half-dozen rods rigged and ready in the four standard horizontal and two molded-in rod holders. Confidently stand and fire cast after cast. The elevated Vantage ST seat makes it easy to move around the boat. Now includes a retractable skeg for improved course-keeping, as well as innovative H-Rail for superior flexibility in accessory rigging.


  • MirageDrive 180°:   Hobie’s bioengineered MirageDrive propulsion system for kayaks was revolutionary in its inception in 1997 and has been evolving ever since. Now comes the biggest evolution - so far. Introducing the patent-pending Hobie MirageDrive 180 forward-reverse propulsion system that will be integrated into all 2017* model year Mirage kayaks.



Weighing in at under eight pounds, the MirageDrive 180 produces full power in both directions and offers unprecedented maneuverability. The user can pull one of two shift cables to pivot the fins 180 degrees, almost instantly from forward to reverse and back again. The dual fins provide shallow water access and easy shore landings by simply pushing one pedal forward.


  • Anchor Trolley System Ready:   Brass inserts strategically placed fore and aft on the sides of the hull, ready to install an optional anchor trolley kit, for anchor, drift chute, or stakeout pole.

  • Front Hatch with Removable Liner:   Large-opening storage area offers easy access for storing fish or ice and can be removed for cleaning.

  • Accessory Mount

  • Replaceable Mounting Boards:   Provide a solid and easy-to-reach platform for installing accessories like fishfinders, rod holders, cameras, and the H-bar.

  • Grip Pads

  • Large Twist and Seal Hatch with TMS:   Large storage area close to your seat for quick access items and tackle. 

  • Vantage ST Seating:   Vantage Seating provides ultimate comfort and adjustability in a lightweight, easily removable form, along with Boa® system lumbar support technology.

  • Mid-Boat Carrying Handle: These Ergonomic handles are bolted onto either side of the kayak's cockpit, making it easier to negotiate launching ramps or transport.

  • Rod Holder:   These molded-in holsters securely tote your rods, are perfectly angled for trolling and can accommodate a gaff, nets and other gear.

  • Livewell-Ready Cargo Area

  • 8" Twist and Stow Hatch:   An efficient corkscrew mechanism ratchets down this hatch, keeping stowed items secure irrespective of the sea state. The lid is permanently attached to its base via a hinge, so you don't have to worry about leaving it at last night's campground.

  • Rudder Access


*All colors, graphics and specifications of all models are subject to change without notice.


Hull Material:   Rotomolded Polyethylene

Length:   12' / 3.66 m

Width:   36" / 0.91 m

Maximum Load:   500 lbs / 227 kg

Vantage Seat Capacity:   350 lbs / 159 kg

Fitted Hull Weight:   105 lbs / 48 kg

Fully Rigged Weight:   129.5 lbs / 59 kg

Manufacturer Warranty:   2 Years