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Solocart Sup Cart


The Malone Solo SUP Cart assists with transporting your SUP to and from the water over any terrain with rugged tires. The inside width is adjustable from 12.5-16.5" and it is fully padded with integrated fin structure strap to protect your SUP. The Solo SUP Cart is made from non-corrosive, marine grade aluminum and comes with Malone's lifetime warranty.


• Airless, Never-Go-Flat, Quick release 10 in. all terrain tires

• Adjustable inside width control from 12.5-16.5",

• Full padding with integrated fin structure strap to protect the SUP

• Non-corrosive, marine grade aluminum frame and stainless steel hardware

• Lifetime warranty



Length:   10 in / 25.4 cm

Width:   18 in / 45.72 cm

Height:   18 in / 45.72 cm

Material:   Marine grade aluminum/Stainless steel

UPC:   0855265004832