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Whisperlite Universal Stove

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As MSR's best-selling hybrid-fuel stove, the Whisperlite Universal allows you to use either liquid fuel or canister fuel so you can burn just about anything, anywhere. Lightweight aluminum and carefully engineered stainless steel maximize trail-friendly durability without adding unnecessary weight. Fold this stove down to its most compact configuration, slide it in your bag, hop a plane, and, when you arrive, fire up a meal with anything from white gas to unleaded gasoline.
  • Burns a variety of fuels using fuel-specific jets and fuel-source couplers unique to either canister or liquid sources
  • Canister liquid feed includes a basic stand for inverting canister for better cold-weather performance and more consistent output
  • Swap between one of three self-cleaning Shaker Jets and one of two source couplers to match your fuel of choice
  • Shaker Jets clear the fuel-providing mechanism with a simple shake of the hand, eliminating messy maintenance
  • Wide stainless pot stands hold pots large or small so you can cook up a meal or easily melt heavy scoops of snow


Fuel Type: White gas, kerosene, unleaded gasoline, MSR IsoPro
Boil Time: (white gas) 3.5 min/L, (kerosene) 4.4 min/L, (MSR IsoPro) 3.75 min/L
Burn Time: (white gas) 110 min, (kerosene) 155 min, (MSR IsoPro) 75 min
Piezo Ignition: No
Simmer: Yes
Claimed Weight: 13.7 oz
Recommended Use: Backpacking
Manufacturer Warranty: Lifetime