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Story Snowboard - 2016


From icy runs to amazing pow days, this deck will take you anywhere and everywhere. The Basalt Magma Fiber, Snappy Sap™ Bio Resin and HempHop™ stringers make for a lightweight, smooth and snappy ride. Combined with Magnetraction, multi-camber, and a slightly setback stance – you’ve got a board that can tackle the entire mountain. With its blend of amazing eco-friendly technologies, the award-winning Story is a beautifully different kind of deck.

  • Wood Veneer Topsheet : Nich wood veneer topsheet replace plastic, are lacquer-free, and actually provide extra vibration dampening.
  • Sustainable Wood Cores : All Niche Boards are made with sustainably harvested Poplar wood cores.
  • Recycled Materials : All Niche snowboards are made with recycled and reinforced steel edges, recycled ABS sidewalls, and recycled base material.
  • Snappy Sap Bio-Resin : All Niche boards use bio-resins which provide more snap, responsiveness and dampened ride.
  • HempHop Stringers : The Story has hemp stringers vertically laminated within the wood core, which add extra pop and stability. 
  • Bio Wax : All boards greased up at the factory with OneBall Jay Bio Wax.
  • Flip-Flop Bases*** : Niche alternates the base color scheme to avoid extra plastic base material waste.
  • Basalt Magma Fiber : Good 'ol Basalt "Magmu" Fibers keep the Story lighter, stronger, and capable of absorbing more impact.


Profile: Multi-Camber (rocker between feet, camber to contact points)

Shape: Directional Twin

Flex: Stiff

Effective Edge: [156cm] 1190 mm, [158cm] 1205 mm, [162cm] 1216 mm

Waist Width: [156cm] 258 mm, [158cm] 262 mm, [162cm] 265 mm

Stance width: [141cm] 18 - 23.5 in, [143cm] 19.2 - 24 in, [146cm] 19.2 - 24 in, [149cm] 19.2 - 24 in

Stance Setback: 1 in.

Mount: 4x4 inserts

Core: Sustainable wood

Laminates: Basalt Magma Fiber/Snappy Sap bio-resin

Base: sintered

Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years