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Whitewater Paddling

Basic Creeking Skills

Get your introduction to creeking the best way possible. In this clinic, students will learn to manage steeper, tighter and more technical whitewater. Students will be taught to utilize advanced strokes to catch and exit smaller and smaller eddies, develop cross-current momentum and the fundamentals of boat scouting. Creeking-specific group management and safety considerations will also be covered in the clinic. Strategies for the successful running of slides, holes and ledges will be taught and practiced where available. We extensively use on-river video feedback to improve strokes and give feedback on how students can be more successful running particular rapids.

This class is typically taught on Bull Run between flows of 300-1400 cfs. As flows vary, we may choose an alternate section of river that will provide our students the best options for learning skills and having fun. Some of the other rivers we have used for this class include the Sandy Gorge, the Breitenbush and Opal Creek.

The Deal

Where: Bull Run

Cost: $95

How long: 7 hours

Student to Teacher Ratio:  4:1, with a maximum of 8 students

Experience Necessary: The ideal students for this clinic will be comfortable on class 3 runs like Fish-Bob's on the Clack and the Middle White Salmon, and ready to aggressively challenge themselves in preparation for class 4 creeks like the East Fork of the Lewis and the WF Hood. A strong and reliable roll is recommended for this class. 
Equipment Needed: Creekboats and drysuits are required for this class. Creekboats can be rented for this class at no extra charge. If students do not own drysuits, they are available for rental at a discounted rate.