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Flatwater Kayaking

Quick Start Kayak Touring: Safety & Rescues

Don't have time to jump start your paddling life in a weekend? No worries! Our Quick Start Series takes that information and gives you the freedom to take the classes as you can!

If you do have time to dive into paddling, take a look at the Start Your Adventure! Kayak Touring 2.5 Day Class.

Have you ever flipped over on a kayak? Learn the answer to the popular question, "What happens if I flip over?" Hint: it’s not so bad and it's easy! In this flip-friendly class we’ll cover essential rescue techniques, working from simple to complex and encourage problem solving versus "one way or the highway". We guarantee this class will make each student a safer and more confident paddler. Upon the completion of this course each student will be prepared for one of those upside-down events--called a "capsize"--and will possess the tools for a successful rescue, both assisted and unassisted.

The Deal

Where: Columbia Pool, North Portland

How long: 2 hours

Student to Teacher Ratio: 4:1

Experience Necessary: No experience required

Equipment Needed: All necessary equipment will be provided.

Cost: $60

Time: 8:30 p.m.