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Whitewater Paddling

Your Next Adventure! 2.5 Day Intermediate Whitewater Kayaking Course

After starting your whitewater kayak adventures and you can’t get enough kayaking, you have a sickness and the only cure is bigger and more technical whitewater! This 2.5 Day Whitewater Kayaking Course is designed to help students progress in their whitewater adventures! This course will go over more advanced maneuvers and strokes while also helping them refine strokes that they have already learned.

Basic Itinerary

Day 1: After spending the first night in the pool and working on more advanced rolling and edging, students will go home excited and ready for the Next day of Adventures!

Day 2: The second day will take students to a local 2+ river and spend the day having fun progressing on river reading and incorporating their body, boat, and blades to become efficient paddlers.

Day 3: On day three students will go to a class fun river and continue to work on skills as well as incorporate video analysis to help refine skills and set an action plan to help the student progress to their desired skill level.

The Deal

Price: $240

Dates: TBD

Experience Necessary: 2.5 Day Whitewater Kayaking Course

Equipment Needed: None