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Coastal Kayaking

Your Next Adventure! Navigation and Journeys 2 Day Class

You started your paddling adventure, so now learn to plan it! Your Next Adventure awaits! By now you have enjoyed our practicing and using your Kayak Touring skills, and maybe have started Your Next Adventure Coastal Kayaking, to put though skills to the test, but are ready to learn how to plan similar journeys or the adventure of your dreams.

Over the course of two days, we will take the paper world of navigation and put it to the test on the water. In the classroom, learn how to read charts, use a compass, and how knowledge of tides and weather help in deciding where to go, and use the latter portion of our first day to apply the morning’s skills on a short local journey. We then head to the tidewaters of the mighty Columbia to go on a journey in a more dynamic environment, taking the previous day’s lesson and applying them in a more technical and practical way. By the end, you will have the tools to continue planning your next adventure.