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Factory Rocker Snowboard 2017

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Rocker between the feet and positive camber in the nose and tail deliver the all-mountain combination of floaty fun between the feet and poppy responsiveness off the nose and tail.   Whether you like to groove small turns, slash a bit of pow, or roll through the jump line, the Factory rocker uses camber and technology for good times all over the mountain.


  • MtnPop Rocker 2.0:   MtnPop Rocker is redesigned for 2016. We modified the amount of rocker between your feet so that it and the contact points touch the snow when the board is under no pressure. In the nose of the board and the tail of the board, we place positive camber. The result is a combination that is equal parts big-mountain ripper and mini-shred aficionado. Positive camber lets you hammer carves, snap ollies and provides increased stability while the rocker give you float and playful buttery-fun.

  • Bambooster Technology - Dual Inline:   Bamboo is one of the most versatile and flexible natural elements that can be found on this great green Earth. Adding a strip of bamboo to the centerline of mid-flexing board creates a subtle burst of power for ollies. Why not harness the responsive natural kick of bamboo?

  • QuickRip Sidecut:   The idea behind QuickRip SideCut is to give you a board that rails turns at high speeds and a board that is a playful feeling at slower speeds. To do this we give you two sidecuts with the same radius, one in the mid-section of the board and one in the nose and tail regions. The intersection of these two arcs is near the bindings and creates the Mid-Board Contact Points. The Mid-Board Contact Points provide you with haul ass edge handling but when you slow down give you a fun looser style ride.

  • Pop Core Matrix:   Dual zones of ultra-light weight wood converge with a body of snappy responsive poplar for a buttery yet high powered flex.

  • StraightBiax Laminate:   The laminate for riders who make the most out of any terrain. 90-degree fibers create a fun playful flex perfect for cruising, lapping park or ripping bowls.

  • XTRD Base:   Strong, fast, easy to fix and simple. This is the standard for everyday riding and beyond, wax it, shred it and repeat.



Profile:   Rocker between feet and Positive Camber in nose and tail

Shape:   True Twin


Effective Edge:   

152:   1170

155:   1200

158:   1230

161:   1260


Waist Width:   

152:   248

155:   250

158:   251

161:   252


Sidecut Depth:   

152:   20

155:   20.5

158:   21

161:   21.5


Sidecut Radius (m):   

152:   7.85

155:   8.07

158:   8.30

161:   8.52


Default Stance (inches / cm):   

152:   20" / 51 cm

155:   21" / 53 cm

158:   21" / 53 cm

161:   21" / 53 cm


Optimal Rider Weight (lbs):   

152:   110 - 165

155:   125 - 185

158:   135 - 200

161:   150 - 215+


Stance Setback:   0

Core:   Wood

Base:   XTRD

Manufacturer Warranty:   2 Years