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Mod Snowboard 2017

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For the rider who wants a true-twin deck that packs explosive power to hammer turns, ollie small villages, charge jumps lines and slay backcountry spines.

This design is dialed for big technical lines that lead right to the park for effortless spins and epic gaps. Hell, if Ståle Sandbech trusts the Mod to stomp double corks and slay Niseko pow, why shouldn’t you?


  • Camber:    Don’t call it a comeback because Rome has always believed in it—the time-tested camber design to give you all the pop that you want. Ollies, turns, and slashes all feel better from this powerfully positive camber profile. Found in the decks of their team riders who spend their time in the streets, the jump line, and the backcountry booter world, this snappy camber provides the pop they crave. Also found under the feet of many shop kids worldwide. Stay positive keeps you smiling long after the lifts stop turning.

  • TurboRods:   Anchored only at the end near the inserts, a single rod of carbon inside a sleeve flexes dynamically for higher ollies and more stable landings. The next generation of Rome's HotRods Technology brings a new approach to loading ollies and building pop. They start by milling channels into the board’s core, then they insert carbon rods that rest freely inside sleeves with a single point of attachment. The rod is anchored only towards the center area of the board, leaving the outside tip of the rod to flex freely inside the sleeve. This means the TurboRods engage the tip and tail of the board to load maximum spring, creating a more active flex pattern and effectively self-dampening after pop occurs.

  • Carbon Reverse Radial V:   Every type of terrain and riding style requires a different degree of pop and response. HotRods are at the core of almost every board the Rome Syndicate makes; They start with thin, hollow tubes of carbon, bamboo or glass and then insert them into milled channels in the core of the boards. These are arranged in different patterns and configurations all designed for specific riding situations and levels of responsiveness. Targeted flex and pop through custom-tailored HotRod placement and design. The Carbon Reverse Radial V pattern is the king of transmitting energy into the center of your tail and nose, for more pop off lips, without adding much stiffness when the board twists. So you get max power, but still have a board with freestyle finesse

  • Z-Tech 1.0:   A 1-inch wide strip of Zylon that runs down the centerline of the board for maximum responsiveness and dampening. This 1-inch wide strip of Zylon is for freestyle friendly flexes that pop ollies like mad without being overly stiff when the board twists. Zylon is a space-age, ultra snappy and lightweight material found in some of Rome's higher end boards. They lay a strip of Zylon down the centerline of the board to give it additional power and responsiveness. Increased longitudinal power and chatter resistance, with added pop for deep landings and serious ollies.

  • AirPop Core Matrix:   At the core of any snowboard worth riding is wood; pure, classic timeless wood. It just pops better than synthetics. For riders that demand a consistent clean powerful flex wood is the only answer. To create new flex patterns and achieve optimal strength-to-weight ratios Rome uses a variety of laminates, air channels and types of wood. All with one goal; Flex With Pop. For the AirPop Core Matrix, Rome adds 5 zones of ultra low-density wood for lightness. Increased lightness with air channels to reduce weight.

  • SuperlightBiax Laminate:   Board flex is what helps differentiate every board and help define its riding style. To fine tune Rome's boards’ flex patterns they utilize several unique fiber laminates and different angles to provide different levels of power and forgiveness. With the SuperlightBiax Laminate, Rome's ultra-lightweight biax pattern helps provide an even-flexing, fun, torsional feel; perfect for boards with the other-worldly pop found in their TurboRods.

  • SinterCarbon Base:   Riding fast is the name of the game and Rome's line-up of bases are designed to haul ass. The SinterCarbon Base has the pedal to the floor riding with carbon additives to help reduce friction and make the base lightning fast. A highly porous sintered base material guzzles wax to supercharge your riding.


Mod = Pop, Strength, and Feel


Profile:   Camber

Shape:   True Twin


Effective Edge (mm):   

153:   1190

156:   1220

159:   1250

162:   1280


Waist Width (mm):   

153:   252

156:   254

159:   256

162:   258


Sidecut Radius (m):   

153:   7.99

156:   8.02

159:   8.13

162:   8.35


Stance Setback:   0

Mount Pattern:   2 x 4

Core:   Carbon, Wood, Zylon®

Base:   SinterCarbon


Recommended Rider Weight (lbs):   

153:   115 - 170

156:   125 - 185

159:   135 - 200

162:   150 - 200+


Manufacturer Warranty:   2 Years


Jumps:   10   


Jibs:   8   


Powder:   9   


Carve:   9   


All-Terrain:   9