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Powder Division MT Snowboard 2017


A family of powder boards for arcing, slashing and floating through the untracked good stuff.

The Moontail (MT) merges width with a little more length for surfy, slashy stability at speed. Rome's Powder-S 3D camber profile gives them all float in the front and power in the back.


Profile:   Powder-S 3D - For the Powder Divisions, Rome created a 3D version of their Powder S camber to give more forebody float in powder. They put a spooned-out 3D rocker in the nose of the board and combine it with positive camber in the mid section and in the tail. The result is round, floaty performance up front, with full-powered slash-a-bility in the back. Great for surfing untracked snow.

Shape:   Directional - Good for riding powder, keeping your nose out of the ground, will provide a performance challenge in the event of a stance-switch while riding.

Carbon Single Barrel Nose:   A single TurboRod of carbon in the nose to dampen and stabilize nose performance in powder. A single rod in the centerline, this pattern adds ollie pop while letting the rest of the board flex normally.

Core:   Pop Core MatrixDo-anything performance that balances lightness, response and strength with two zones of low-density wood.

Laminate:   StraightBiax CarbonThis laminate takes the freestyle-oriented flex of 90-degree biaxial fibers and adds in longitudinal carbon strips that increases ollie power without any unwanted overall stiffness.

Base:   SinterTrueFundamental sintered performance, this base fuels the speed of many of our mid-level freeride and park boards.



Profile:   Powder-S - 3D Rocker from nose to center / Camber center to tail

Shape:   Directional

Overall Length:   1540

Nose Length:   290

Tail Length:   90

Taper:   20

Effective Edge:   1160

Waist Width:   270

Sidecut Depth:   16.3

Sidecut Radius 8.70

Stance Range:   19.5" - 24.125"

Stance Setback:   30 mm back

Mount:   4 Hole

Core:   Pop Core Matrix - Do-anything performance that balances lightness, response and strength with two zones of low-density wood.

Base:   Sintered

Recommended Rider Weight (lbs):   135 - 200

Manufacturer Warranty:   2 Years


Jump:   4    ██████████
Jib:   2    ██████████
Powder:   10    ██████████
Carve:   7    ██████████
All-Terrain:   5    ██████████