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Women's Madison Boss Snowboard Bindings 2017


Women's Madison Boss Snowboard Bindings 2017

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The go-to binding for riders who want a supportive and hyper-responsive binding to ride everything on the mountain, but with just enough flexibility to feel terrain and flow with it.

Featuring Rome's V-Rod Baseplate to optimize the correct flex and feel of your board, the Madison Boss sacrifices nothing. Add Contour Boss ankle straps and a responsive highback for flex with pop that is will change the way you feel your snowboard.


V-Rod Baseplate:   V-Rod baseplate technology combines toe-to-heel power with side-to-side flexibility and is a key way we create Flex-With-Pop. A diagonal “rod” connects your two main input spots, running from your big toe to the outside corner of your heel. Then, opposing corners of the baseplate near the small toe and near the inside of your heel create side-to-side flexibility. To go with this optimal flex pattern, our V-Rod baseplates feature the industry-leading level of baseplate contact, as low as 1.56% in the Katana’s V-Rod Ultralight Baseplate.

Yes, I Cant Technology:   Rome's mid and high-end models come with two sets of easily interchangeable InBase Pads. One set features 0-degrees of canting and one set of 2.5-degrees of canting. Canting adds power over the nose and tail (perfect for rockered snowboards), and it keeps wide stances more comfortable on the knees.

Full Highback Rotation:   This is the starting point for all customization packages. Rome believes snowboarders have a right to customize their bindings, and we particularly believe this about highback rotation. This is because highback rotation lets riders put their highback power exactly where they load up heelside response. This is technology you see on all Rome bindings.

Also Featuring:   

•   Contour Boss.2 Ankle Strap
•   ConformGrip 2.0 Toe Strap
•   UnderWrap.2 Heel Hoop
•   Madison Asym Highback
•   AutoStrap Technology
•   EVA SubBase V-Pad
•   Multiple Strap Positions
•   QuickAdjust for Strap Length
•   Tool-Free Forward Lean Adjuster