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Women's Shift Snowboard Bindings 2017

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A binding that learns with you and won’t hold you back, the Women’s Shift is designed to bring the fun back to functional.

Connected comfort and customization thanks to Rome's standard highback rotation and strap position adjustment tech. Cruise with your team, float on deep days, enter the park with confidence.


Unibody Baseplate

ConFormist Toe Strap

Progressive Flex Ankle Strap

Shift Highback:   Rome's family of highbacks delivers different levels of support and flexibility. Many feature an asymmetrical profile the puts more power on the outside edge and more flexibility on the inside edge. Some emphasize power, while others emphasize more flexibility.

Full Highback Rotation:   This is the starting point for all customization packages. Rome believes snowboarders have a right to customize their bindings, and they particularly believe this about highback rotation. This is because highback rotation lets riders put their highback power exactly where they load up heelside response. This is technology you see on all Rome bindings.

EVA SubBase Pad

EVA InBase Pad

Multiple Strap Positions

QuickAdjust for Strap Length

Tool-Free Forward Lean Adjuster