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Sassy 7 Skis Women's - 2016

Regular Price: $299.99

FROM: $199.95

You save: $100.04 (33.35%)

Regular Price: $299.99

FROM: $199.95

You save: $100.04 (33.35%)
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The Sassy 7 is a women's all-mountain powder ski for up-and-coming rippers. Featuring the 7-Series' award-winning blend of versatility and float, the Sassy 7 supplies lightweight agility and enhanced durability for freeride dominance. Powder Turn Rocker delivers fatigue-free maneuverability, effortless steering and instant speed control, making powder skiing easier and more fun. Centered Sidecut provides the all-terrain versatility and edging power simply not found in other wide-waisted, rockered skis. Leave your mark with the Sassy 7, a real-deal all-mountain powder ski for future hard-charging women.


60% Powder / 40% All-Mountain


Air Tip Technology:   Rossignol's patented air-honeycomb design reduces the weight of the ski and dramatically reduces swing weight (by nearly 30%). This significantly enhances maneuverability, giving the ski an incredibly ultra-light feel.


Cap Construction:   The ROSSITOP cap strengthens the ski, is resistant to chipping for increased durability and facilitates rebound.


Free Vas:   Visco elastomer material smooths the rocker/camber transition to reduce "tip flap", increasing stability, control and snow contact in changing snow conditions.


Powder Turn Rocker:   A longer, more progressively rockered tip eliminates "tip flap" in variable snow and hardpack while the tapered, more powerful tail drops into soft snow, enhancing flotation and providing effortless steering with instant speed control.


Dimensions:   119/92/110 @160cm

Turn Radius:   19.0 m @160cm

Profile:   Powder Turn Rocker (tip and tail)

Construction:   Cap

Core:   Wood

Base:   Sintered

Tail:   Twin-like

Manufacturer Warranty:   One Year