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It might be cold outside, but it's also the perfect time to take your paddling to the next level! Join us on selected Sundays throughout the winter as we take you from a recreational floater, to a lean, mean touring machine. Ready to tackle bigger water, and bigger trips, but don't know where to start? Looking to keep your skills sharp as the mercury drops? This low cost, low pressure class series is perfect for you! We'll progress throughout the winter, and cap it all off with an overnight expedition on the Columbia river in April(Details TBD).  All on waters classes are 3 hours long, $20/person, you are encouraged to bring your own gear, but there is a limited number of rental boats and gear available for $10/class. If you have any questions please call the Scappoose Bay Paddling Center at 503.397.2161. You can register online through the calendar located at the bottom of the page.
Brrr It's Cold Outside

Nov 13th, 11am-2pm

The weather might be cooling down, but don’t let that stop your season! In this 3 hour class we will discuss appropriate immersion wear and cold water paddling apparel. Then we hit the water for a hands on introduction to self and assisted rescues. Rental drysuits and paddling gear available in limited quantities


Brace(s) for Impact

Dec 4th, 11am-2pm

This 3 hour on water class will take your paddling to a new level, and new latitude. Learn how to keep your boat, and yourself upright, and heading in the right direction as we introduce bracing techniques, draw strokes, and boat control.


Boat fit, pitch, and exploration

Dec 11th, 11am-2pm

This 3 hour class starts in the classroom as we dissect boat physics and design. Then we hit the water to fine tune our basic paddle strokes, and put our new understanding of boat dynamics to the test with a quick tour of the waters of Scappoose Bay.


Wakes, Swells and Boat Channel Bells!

Jan 8th, 11am-2pm

Ready to step it up a notch? This 3 hour on water class will introduce paddlers to the mighty Columbia River. We’ll explore paddling in mellow to rougher water, how to make that transition, and explore the dynamics of bigger water. Along the way we will discuss navigating the Columbia, understanding rights of way, and navigating the channel. Paddling experience is required.


You Not a Rowing and Need a Towing?

Jan 22nd, 11am-2pm

Need to lend a hand? Learn how to tow and be towed in this 3 hour on water safety class. We will discuss tow belt basics, and appropriate methods and times in which to tow a paddler, both conscious and unconscious. We’ll also discuss what to do when your gear lets you down on the water, how to choose, and use backup gear, and what to do when things don’t go as planned.


Whistles, Safety Signals and Codes

Feb 19th, 11am-2pm

Lost on the water? Learn how to keep you, and your paddling buddies safe in this 3 hour classroom and on water class. We will introduce the different tools and resources in a paddler’s toolbox for communication and the proper times to utilize them. After we explore the basics, we’ll hit the water and get some hands on experience with VHF radios, Whistles, Air horns and more.


What Gear do I really need and how much?

March 19th, 11am-2pm

As we plan our overnight adventure learn how to pack your boat, and what to pack in it. We’ll discuss how gear affects our boat, different techniques to save space, and find the difference between preparedness and overpacking. After we get our gear loaded, we’ll hit the water to explore techniques of boat control under load