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Nahual Snowboard - 2017


The Nahual is a rare and storied beast. It’s a strong breed capable of adapting to the spiritual and physical realms of Earth’s wintery highlands. But it has been tamed by the likes of Manuel Diaz and trained into a powerful, directional powder board. Its husky midwide shape, pointy nose, and subtle swallowtail give it optimal float and stability in shorter lengths and its zero camber profile aids in floatation while minimizing edge catch. Its sleek singular sidecut and subtle traction bump give it strong grip. Its tough skin is made of tri-axial and bi-axial fiberglass, but underneath its rough belly is a tender Carbonbon blend of carbon fiber strips from the inserts to the edges and carbon and Kevlar Landing Strips in the tips for animalistic agility and monstrous power. With this beast even you can tame the tallest mountains.

  •  Zero Camber Rocker - This profile is flat with generous rocker in the nose to plow through rough terrain and float above deep snow. It offers a consistent flex and predictable feel with subtle traits of traditional camber and rocker designs.
  • Sintered HD Base - Thanks to the addition of carbon and its high-density molecular structure, this sintered HD base provides superior impact resistence and enhanced wax absorbency for sustained speeds.
  • Ultimate Traction - This small counter radius (bump) placed in the middle of the board’s sidecut improves edge hold without creating drag or strange edge grip. It adds extra bite on ice and turns regular turns into confident carves.
  • Landing Strip - Strips of Kevlar and carbon fiber placed from the inserts to the tips in the nose and tail to support landings and reduce washouts. This design also helps dampen high-speed chatter, offer stability at speed and load up potent ollies.
  • Carbonbon - Pure carbon fiber slabs placed in a cross pattern under the inserts between the base and the core to enhance responsiveness, pop, torsional stiffness and amplify foot movement.
  • Diamond Stone Finish - They add a slight diamond-structured stone grind to the base to maximize glide and optimize durability. It eliminates the slow, suction cup feel that comes with one-dimensional base finishes.
  • Edges - They build their edges with 35% more steel content than the average. They are simply stronger and more durable than the alternative.
  • Singular Sidecut - A predictable and powerful sidecut with a single radius that makes for consistent turns. It’s ideal for intermediate and advanced riders who already know how to carve a turn, like to ride fast, and desire strong edge hold.
  • Triax Fiberglass (Top Layer) - Triax Fiberglass is a three-way weave of fiberglass with strands running at 45-degree angles. It provides superior pop, consistent torsional flex, and more overall response.
  • Biax Fiberglass (Bottom Layer) - Biax Fiberglass is a two-way weave of fiberglass with strands running ev - ery 90-degrees. It’s more forgiving, easier to flex and and highly versatile for all terrain types.


Profile: Zero Camber Rocker

Shape: Directional Twin

Effective Edge: 1150mm @ 157

Waist Width: 260mm @ 157

Sidecut Radius: 8.0m @ 157

Stance Width: 21.3-26in  -  54-66cm

Stance Setback: 0

Mount: 2x4

Core: Wood

Base: Sintered HD

Recommended Rider Weight: 145-185lbs @ 157