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PYT DTX Snowboard 2016 - Women's

Regular Price: $459.99

FROM: $274.99

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Regular Price: $459.99

FROM: $274.99

You save: $185.00 (40.22%)
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Pretty Young Thing. That doesn't mean all looks and no content. This shred stick is for the woman that rides, and it looks good too. Blunt tips for more effective edge and less swing weight means more control off the lip and easy steez on spins. Mellow Mag with the rocker dominant/flat combo TTX makes for a skatey ride that locks in the turns. Park Flex gives a forgiving and super soft, comfy feel that combined with our Three Stage Dampening is easy like a Sunday morning. The PYT has been a staple of the Smokin' girls line and a prime example of how a park inspired girls board should ride. Fierce and elegant, the 2016 PYT with it's retro future graphic is ready to prove your milkshake can school boys, not just bring them to the rail yard.

  • DTX-Flat Under Foot Rocker To The Tips
  • True Twin : Smokin's true twin boards feature a symmetrical shape, sidecut, and core profile for a consistent feel regular or switch.
  • 3 Stage Dampening : 3 layers of dampening absorb vibrations caused by changing snow conditions. The extra layer promotes cohesion between your board’s components for durability you can depend on.
  • Blunt Tips : Smokin's blunt tip shapes feature an extended contact length for increased edge hold and surface area for stability in all riding conditions. They also just look sick!
  • VDFLU : Variable Density Fiberglass layup is Smokin's proprietary composite formula for the perfect combination of board flex, strength, and pop. They've strategically engineered their boards with varying axial tension and density in critical points to make them bombproof, and slightly reduce glass weight in areas it is unneeded for better torsional freedom and flex. VDFLU boards have enhanced control capabilities plus in both lab and on hill testing are 1.54 times stronger than boards without VDFLU.
  • Mello Magne Traction
  • Pop Gnarley : PoP Gnarley is eco friendlier hemp torsion x fibers in the tip and tail of the board. Hemp has extremely strong tensile strength and helps transfer energy to your contact points while also dampening out harsh vibrations in your board. Who needs carbon, PoP Gnarley is here to take you higher!
  • Park Flex : Smokin's most popular flex pattern, park flex is a versatile core profile that is designed to be lively, responsive, and stable while maintaining a fun playful pressable characteristic. Soft enough to press it out, stable enough to stomp big.
  • Skate Kicks : Smokin's skate kick design employs a radial contact point rise into a flat tip shape for a buttery, floaty feel in the nose and tail.
  • Sintered 6000 Bases : Smokin's sintered UHMW bases are the hardest, toughest available, and 1/3 thicker than industry standard. They have superior wax absorption for lightning fast speed.
  • Good Wood : Sustainable Full Aspen Wood Cores Our full aspen woode cores are hand picked for consistent knot free strength and flex from an ISC cetfied US lumbermill.


Profile: DTX (flat under foot, rocker at tips)


Flex: Soft (3/10)

Effective Edge: [139cm] 1100 mm, [143cm] 1130 mm, [147cm] 1160 mm, [152cm] 1190 mm

Waist Width: [139cm] 233 mm, [143cm] 235 mm, [147cm] 235 mm, [152cm] 240 mm

Stance width: 18.75-23.5″

Stance Setback: 0

Mount: 4x4 inserts

Core: Sustainable Full Aspen Wood Cores

Laminates: Variable Density Fiberglass

Base: sintered 6000

Recommended Rider Weight: [139cm] 70 - 120 lbs, [143cm] 75 - 125 lbs, [147cm] 90 - 130 lbs, [152cm] 100 - 150 lbs

Manufacturer Warranty: 3 years