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Whammy Bars

Only 6 items available Only 6 items available Only 6 items available
Whammy Bars is available for purchase in increments of 1

These Whammy Bars aren't going to help you shred on your Fender but they will work on your splitboard while shredding in the backcountry. 

Impress your friends with your climbing bar deployment steeze. This retrofit climbing wire with a side arm lever (ie: whammy bar, of course) replaces your stock climbing wire for quick change high-to-low-to-stowed action. Use your touring pole to flip the Whammy Bar down for 12°, then down again for 18°. Flip the bar back up to stow.

Weights: Whammy Bar 1.5oz/pr (42.5g) | Standard One Wire 1.3oz/pr (36g)

Compatible with all Tesla T1 and T1 Burton Hitchhiker bindings.

*Bindings Not included*