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Collapsible Camp Stove With Flamesticks

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The AceCamp 1640 Collapsible Camp Stove is a great, compact stove that is perfect for light cooking or as an emergency heat source. It is lightweight and collapses into itself and makes a great addition to any backpacking gear or emergency kit.

  • Collapsible Camp Stove is perfect for light cooking or for use in an emergency situation
  • Lightweight design collapses in on itself so that it is easy to pack and store
  • Includes 20 Flamesticks
  • Great addition to your camping gear or emergency kit
  • Folded Dimensions:97 x 75 x 23 mm
  • Unfolded Dimensions: 97 x 75 x 57 mm
  • Net Weight: 103 g

 About Flamesticks: 

Waterproof sticks for starting fire are cylindrical with a rectangular cross-section and odourless. They are very practical for everyday use in- and outside the household and outdoors (approx. 40 gram weight with approx. 100 minutes burn time in one package). The shape of the stick is adapted for safe ignition, during ignition of the stick the flame is not very close to fingers, thus eliminating the possibility of burns to hands. During burning of the sticks minimal amounts of waste gas and smoke are released, so that usage in closed spaces is not dangerous. Total burning of its material does not leave any residue. Burning time of one stick is approximately 6 minutes, so it can serve as an emergency source of light in closed and dark areas.