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Gear Review: MSR Hubba Hubba Tent

Gear Review: MSR Hubba Hubba Tent

Gear Review: MSR Hubba Hubba Tent

Value Rating: 7
Durability Rating: 9
Overall Rating: 8

Location of Test: Across the US
Duration: Years

Product Name: Hubba Hubba Tent
Product Brand: MSR
Best Use: Backpacking, Lightweight Backpacking, Car Camping, Bike Touring, River Trips
Sizes Available/ Specs:

2 Person, 2 doors
Minimum Weight: 3lbs 7oz
Packed Weight: 3lbs 13oz
Peak Height: 39"
Interior floor area: 29 sq ft

This tent comes in 1-4 person versions; Hubba, Hubba Hubba, Motha Hubba, and Papa Hubba.

The Full Review

I got this tent in 2011 for a 2 month bicycle tour I went on with my then boyfriend, now husband. We slept in it almost every night for 2 months. Not only was it durable, lightweight, and easy to set up, but I'm pretty sure it's the reason boyfriend turned into husband; this thing is spacious! When you spend that much time with someone, day in and day out, through the sweat, tears and blood, it makes a huge difference to get into a tent that feels like a palace rather than a sardine can. The Hubba Hubba utilizes a pole design that gives the sidewalls vertical lift, so you get way more headroom when you sit up, than you would normally. A lot of tents these days use this design, but we found that this was the most spacious of the ones we tried. It's also super important to set up and get inside a tent before buying it. My husband is 6' 4" and some other tents that said they would accommodate him really didn't.

One cool feature among many is the quick set up ability. We've all found ourselves at one time or another, trying to set up our tent in the rain. With the Hubba Hubba, you can attach the fly to the poles, get underneath, and then pull the tent out of the bag and set it up from underneath the fly. This is so awesome, because now your tent stays dry, instead of rushing around trying to get the fly on before it gets too wet inside.

I love this tent so much, that this year we bought the updated version, which is about a pound lighter than our old version. It still retains the spaciousness that makes it our go-to tent for any activity, they just eliminated some of the mesh and used some lighter weight materials overall.

The Good:

Lightweight, spacious, easy to set up. Freestanding (stands up without being staked out).

The Bad:

At first glance $399.95 looks a bit spendy, but the price is similar to other comparable tents.

The Bottom Line:

Sure there are lighter tents out there. Sure there are more spacious tents out there. But for the price, you won't find a better combo of the two than the MSR Hubba Hubba.

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