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Gear Review: NRS Freestyle Wetshoe

Gear Review: NRS Freestyle Wetshoe

Gear Review: NRS Freestyle Wetshoe

Value Rating: 9
Durability Rating: 9
Overall Rating: 9

Location of Test: Water
Duration: Hours

Product Name: Freestyle
Product Brand: NRS
Best Use: Keeping your feet warm!
Sizes Available/ Specs: Full size run

Freestyle Wetshoe

NRS Freestyle Wetshoe


The Full Review

The freestyle wetshoe is a great way to keep your feet warm without compromising your ability to feel what's under your feet. With a slightly softer sole these booties give great board feel for stand up paddle boarding or surfing, but at 3mm thick still provide a great deal of warmth, The toe box is wide but not too wide. The absence of a zipper on these I have mixed feeling on, but with the grab tab on the back of the ankle getting the freestyles on isn't too bad.

The Good:

A bit of grip on the bottom, without being too thick to feel or being clunky. No zipper keeps more warmth in. Thin sole good for surfing or SUP.

The Bad:

Not so great for doing whitewater where thicker soled shoes are recommended, especially because of sharp rocks and the potential for foot entrapment in rocks on the bottom. These are definitely more for warmth that protection from abrasion and what not.

The Bottom Line:

Great booties for their intended use. For WW and other applications where more rough terrain is present, I would go wit a more sneaker/boot like wet shoe.

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