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Gear Review: Outdoor Research PL 400 Sensor Gloves

Gear Review: Outdoor Research PL 400 Sensor Gloves

Gear Review: Outdoor Research PL 400 Sensor Gloves

Value Rating: 9
Durability Rating: 9
Overall Rating: 9
Location of Test: Lost Coast Trail, CA / Ape Caves, WA and cycling around town
Duration: Multiple Hours
Product Name: PL 400 Sensor Gloves
Product Brand: Outdoor Research
Best Use: EVERYTHING. Camping, hiking, biking in the cold, wearing around town, snowshoeing, driving, and as a liner in your mittens when skiing/snowboarding.
Sizes: XS-XL
Touch-screen compatible

OR PL 400 gloves

The Full Review:
I use these gloves for everything. they are perfect for wearing around town, not too thick or too thin. The touch screen compatibility is convenient. I wear them biking all the time because they are impressively wind-blocking. I took them backpacking and they didn't make it difficult to use the small buckles on my pack like other gloves sometimes do. I wear them driving back from the mountain because the textured grip keeps my hands from sliding on my steering wheel, which is great. They were perfect for snowshoeing; the grips were handy with the poles.

There is a tiny little clip on them to keep them together, which I really appreciate. It is typical for me to lose just one glove, so it is nice not having to worry about that. Plus, you can use that little clip to attach them to anything. They don’t feel even bulky in my pocket so I can carry them anywhere. I could go on and on about these gloves, I love them.

OR PL 400 gloves

If I could change anything about these gloves I would make them water-resistant. They do not keep your hands warm when they get damp/wet, and they take a long time to dry out. It can take up to two days for them to completely dry out on their own. Fortunately, I have had access to a dryer after soaking them, and I just toss them in there with no heat and they dry quickly.

The Good
Great for anything dry
Love the little clip that keeps them together

The Bad: 
They soak up water and take their sweet time to dry out

The Bottom Line: 
You will love them just as much as I do, just don't get them wet if you can help it.

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