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Gear Review: Snow Peak Gigapower Auto Stove

Gear Review: Snow Peak Gigapower Auto Stove

Gear Review: Snow Peak Gigapower Auto Stove

--Product Information--
Product Name: Gigapower Auto Stove
Product Brand: Snow Peak
Best Use: Solo Backpacking
Sizes Available / Specs: 10,000 BTUs, 3.75 ounces

--Test Information--
Location of Test: Appalachian Trail
Duration: 4 Months

Value Rating: 8
Durability Rating: 7
Overall Rating: 8

Full Review:
Snow Peak constructs beautiful cook wear and cutlery out of titanium, stainless steel and aluminum. I have gotten a lot of value out of their Gigapower stove, which is super compact and lightweight. The built in piezo lighter makes cooking on the trail with this stove simple and easy, which is perfect after a long day of treading on the trail. I relied on the sturdy little companion for over 100 days on my thru hike. Several dozen nights in the wilderness after my thru hike, the piezo lighter began to fail. Luckily, Next Adventure sells replacement piezo lighters for around 10 bucks, and the swap is simple enough. I rarely go surfing without my stove waiting for me on the beach, ready to fire up a hot pot of Ramen noodles or chili. With the adjustable flame intensity, I have even fried eggs on the lid of my 700 mL titanium pot. The Gigapower is a compact, lightweight way to eat a warm meal wherever you are!

Review Summary Points: 

The Good List: Compact, lightweight, 4 pronged for pot stability.
The Not so Good List: Piezo lighter failed for me after around 300 uses.
The Bottom Line: Amazing value for a reliable stove


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