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Gear Review: Werner Session Paddle

Gear Review: Werner Session Paddle

Gear Review: Werner Session Paddle

Value Rating: 10
Durability Rating: 10
Overall Rating: 10

Location of Test: lower Clackamas River
Duration: a day of practice

Product Name: Session Paddle
Product Brand: Werner
Best Use: Stand Up Paddlboarding
Sizes Available/ Specs: Adjustable/cut to fit, whitewater spec.

Session 2-Piece Whitewater SUP Paddle - Performance Adjustable Standard

Werner Session 2-Piece Whitewater SUP Paddle - Performance Adjustable Standard


The Full Review

Initially I had purchased a Werner Nitro Full size blade (not small or medium... last year's sizing), and although it was nice to paddle- especially with the performance core- it was a lot of surface area, and I felt as if my style of paddling was going to damage my beautiful carbon fiber paddle. When the Session became available I was immediately interested because it boasts extra durability and a slightly smaller blade than last years "full" size. For my personal style, I value blade shape, size, and overall durability of the paddle over the weight. I like to play in whitewater rather than try to cover 10 miles in a session on flat water or something, so I really appreciate the durability of a fiberglass blade and a reinforced shaft. It is also more affordable than the Legend; Werner's whitewater spec carbon fiber SUP board paddle. The Session delivers and I recommend it. Their Carbon fiber blades do offer enhanced performance and hold up incredibly well, but for a durable, functional, and mid range price point paddle, the session will please.

The Good:

The shaft is extra beefy and the blade is pretty stiff, but the performance core carbon is a little stiffer and effortless

The Bad:

It is heavier than any carbon fiber option, and there is not a performance (foam) core available yet.

The Bottom Line:

The session is a great paddle that will deliver for the paddler who needs a durable, functional paddle.

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