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Video Gear Review: Astral Designs V-Eight PFD

Video Gear Review: Astral Designs V-Eight PFD

Video Gear Review: Astral Designs V-Eight PFD

Dave Garringer from Astral Designs was at our Summer Splash 2017 event with some of the best products Astral offers. He shows off a long-time best seller, the breathable V-Eight PFD.

My name is Dave Garringer and I'm here with Astral Designs.

I'm at the Next Adventure Summer Splash here, hanging out. I'm going to tell you a little bit about the V-Eight PFD. This is our top of the line high back recreational paddling jacket. It has a front zip that makes it easy to get in and out of, it’s also got a nice mesh back to keep you cool. All the flotation on the backside is up high, so it's going to be above the seat in your kayak and not restricting you or getting in the way. This lets your back have direct contact with the kayak seat.

It's also super breathable for use in warm environments. With our air escape vents in the front, the air travels through the front panels, around your chest, and then through the back. The PFD offers a high shoulder strap so it gives you a nice range of movement while the buckle on the bottom keeps it secure around your midsection. It also has two pockets on the side as well as a knife tab. This gives you plenty of places to put your knife, sunscreen, camera, or other small items.

Go out and enjoy yourself on the water with the Astro V-Eight.

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