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Video Gear Review: Singing Rock, Penta Climbing Helmet

Video Gear Review: Singing Rock, Penta Climbing Helmet

Video Gear Review: Singing Rock, Penta Climbing Helmet

Reuben from Next Adventure reviews the lightweight Penta climbing helmet from Singing Rock.

Penta Climbing Helmet

Singing Rock Penta Climbing Helmet


- Hey, I'm Reuben from next adventure.
We're here today to talk about the Penta helmet from Singing Rock. At 205 grams the Penta is an ultralight climbing helmet from singing rock. It's great for rock climbing; both support and trad, as well as alpine climbing or even ice climbing.

The Penta features fully removable padding which is nice, so you can wash it, because helmets do tend to get sweaty over time. My favorite thing about the Penta is just how comfortable it is. It features an easy adjustment system in the back allowing it to adjust to any head size. One cool feature about the adjustment mechanism is that the whole thing folds into the helmet quite easily, meaning it's easy to travel with. Many other helmet systems involved bands of plastic that are rigid and cannot be moved.

The Penta is also extraordinarily well ventilated, with 56 cubic centimeters of ventilation throughout. It has headlamp clips to allow any user to secure a headlamp easily to the helmet. The Penta is made with a polycarbonate shell and essentially a Styrofoam body.

One of the reasons that I switched to a lightweight helmet is I realize that heavier helmets are simply not as comfortable and I'm more likely to wear a helmet if it's comfortable. After I tried on a friend's, I realized that I didn't even notice that I was wearing it, so I started wearing one all the time. The Penta comes in blue, gray, red, and white.

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