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Video: How to buy winter gear on a budget!

Video: How to buy winter gear on a budget!

Video: How to buy winter gear on a budget!

The Next Adventure Bargain basement is legendary in the Pacific Northwest for its used outdoor equipment and clothing selection. In fact, Next Adventure began as a used gear store and evolved into the everything-outdoor-super-amazing-store it is today. We’re going to head back to our roots and show you how to find winter gear on a budget.


There are many pieces you'll need to put together before you can get up to the mountain. All these pieces can quickly add up to thousands of dollars. But if you give yourself some time, plan ahead, and do some general research, you can save yourself a good chunk of change and have a great season. Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced skier or snowboarder, saving money on good gear can benefit anyone. In true Next Adventure fashion, we're going to get you on the mountain at a discount.


Save money and the planet

New gear can be really expensive. Looking at used equipment can be a great way to get good gear without spending top dollar. This is how Next Adventure started - as a used gear store! Even if you already have good gear, looking at used items can let you grow your collection. It can be a great way to get more advanced equipment without emptying your bank account. Buying used gear is more economical and you're saving the planet at the same time!


Understand your riding style

Often, there is some trial and error before you know the style of riding you prefer and what equipment you will need to match your riding style. Riding different types of terrain and equipment is the only way to know your preferences. A few scratches will most likely happen at some point, so getting used gear that is already broken in can help you feel free to push yourself in this process. At Next Adventure we have a great selection of used gear for sale in our Bargain Basement. We price it according to its condition, age and skill level. Often, our used gear prices will be a quarter of the MSRP price and sometimes even less.


What to look for

When looking at use gear try to look past the surface. For skis and boards consider the condition of the base, the edges, and the overall wear and tear. We have experts available to narrow the selection with you but be sure to do some general research on your own. Remember, just because an item is used and dirty doesn't mean you can’t clean it up and make it look brand new.


Trade in your old gear

Another way you can save money by trading in your old outdoor equipment. Gear that's just sitting in your garage or basement can be exchanged for store credit at our Trading Post and put towards your winter gear. Camping, kayaking, rock climbing, or your old winter gear - you can trade it here to put towards your new boots, skis, or whatever else you need. Store credit never expires, it's good at all of our locations, and you can even use it for rentals and tune work.


Try renting gear for a new sport

Renting a few times at the start of the winter season may be your best bet if you're just starting out or not in a place to make a big investment on gear. A good rental shop will get you great gear to help you get you on your feet while letting you try out different types of equipment.


A good pair of boots goes a long way

When shopping, people often start by looking at skis or boards. But finding a good pair of boots can be the most crucial piece of equipment you own. This is where you may want to focus your money first. Good boots will give you control and comfort which will then let you enjoy your skis or snowboard as much as possible. Bad boots on a great board will just be miserable. Feel free to look at used boots before you look at new options. You can find great deals on used boots, but because fit is so important sometimes looking at new boots is your best bet. New boots may not be inexpensive, but if you can save money in other areas you may be able to fit new boots into your budget. Looking at new boots will let you try on different shapes and sizes and compare similar models. Also, new boots will form to your foot, while used boots will already be broken in by someone else. One important note - always try on boots before you buy them and try to have an expert boot fitter guide you with the boots you find.


Function before fashion

Winter apparel, like ski jackets and pants, can be great to buy used. When on top of the mountain, function is always better than fashion. Check for taped seams that are intact and zippers that are working okay. You can always refresh waterproof items with a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) product like Nikwax.

If you can't find what you're looking for in the Bargain Basement you may also be able to find closeout items on sale from previous seasons. These new items can be forty to sixty percent off or retail pricing and still be as good as anything else from the current season. It might be wise to avoid some types of items in the used department such as goggles, helmets, gloves, base layers, and socks. These items might be just worth buying new. If you have any more questions come, check us out down here in the Bargain Basement. We're happy to help you out.

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