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Video: How To Get Into A Kayak

Video: How To Get Into A Kayak

Video: How To Get Into A Kayak

Getting into a kayak can be difficult if it's your first time. We're at the Next Adventure Scappoose Bay Paddling Center to demonstrate how to get into a kayak the easy way – without getting soaked!



Start kayaking - the fun and easy way!

There are several kinds of kayaks you can rent from Next Adventure to get started. We have recreational, touring, and sea kayaking kayaks. The way you get in will be more or less the same no matter what type of kayak you choose.

Start with the right boat.

If it is your first-time kayaking, we recommend taking out one of our recreational kayaks. They're stable and they have large cockpits that are easy to get into. After that, you can move on to the slimmer touring and sea kayaking boats.

Getting In.

First, place the kayak in the water then sit down on the dock next to it. Slide both feet into the kayak to stabilize it. Once your feet are in the kayak and the boat is stable, grab the cockpit with either hand and slide yourself from the dock into the boat. Once you're comfortable in your seat, take a moment to adjust your foot-rests. You’re now ready to push off from the dock and paddle away.

Come see us!

We have a ton of kayaks at both Next Adventure paddling locations. Stop by and see us at the Portland Paddle Sports Center or Scappoose Bay Paddle Center. Come on down and try it out for yourself.

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