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Video: How To Inflate A Stand Up Paddleboard

Video: How To Inflate A Stand Up Paddleboard

Video: How To Inflate A Stand Up Paddleboard

Coby from Next Adventure is blowing up on the internet! A SUP that is.

We realize that not everyone has a sweet rooftop rack on their ride, that's where the inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard comes in. They pack away small enough to fit in the trunk of your car and can be carried backpack style to your favorite paddling spot.

In this video, Coby shows you how to quickly inflate your SUP using a dual action pump to get that perfect paddling PSI for peak performance.


Today we’re going to be talking about stand-up paddleboards, and more specifically, inflatable SUP’s.

An inflatable stand-up paddleboard is a great option because of how portable they are. If you're low on space or you don't have a rack system on your car, they can pack away neatly into an included backpack style storage bag. You can grab it from the closet, throw it in your trunk or toss it into the back of your seat, and off you go. They are also great if you'd like to paddle alpine lakes or other hard to reach bodies of water where you need to hike in with your paddleboard.

Alright, let's get started with the fun part. Inflation! First, take it out the bag and unroll it in an open space. Once it's unrolled all the way, twist the cap off the inflation port. Check the stem, if it’s pushed in we’re not going to get very far, that’s for deflation and storage. If you push down on the stem and turn it counterclockwise it should pop out. This stem position is for inflation and paddling.

A new inflatable SUP should come with the proper air pump included. The end of the hose will have hooks on the end that allow you to connect the pump into your stand-up paddleboard inflation port. This paddleboard uses a dual-action pump. To get started in dual-action mode, take the included key, and lock it into the hole. This makes inflation much faster, as air is forced into the paddleboard on both the up-stroke and the down-stroke.

Once you reach 12-13 psi, or it becomes difficult to pump, you’ll want to take the dual-action key out. This makes it easier to pump up those last couple psi. You want to inflate your SUP to about 15 psi or 1 bar. Make sure to check your SUP for the manufacturer recommended inflation pressure. Once you're done, remove the hose and put your cap back on. You're good to go.

The stand-up paddleboard should feel pretty firm. There should be very little give when you press on the surface of the board. While on the water, it should feel firm when you're standing, almost like a rigid paddleboard.

If you have any questions, feel free to come in or give us a call or go to www.nextadventure net

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