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Novashock XL Cockpit Bungee Rand - Kayak Spray Skirt

Bomber Gear

Novashock XL Cockpit Bungee Rand - Kayak Spray Skirt

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The Bomber Gear Novashock Spray Skirt includes all the durable, performance-minded features of the K-Bomb. It has a 9.5 mm shock cord rand to lock the skirt down tight. The skirt is woven from an advanced Aramid polymer fiber, typically used for ballistic rated body armor. The waist is crafted with super stretch neoprene for comfort and the decking is infused with Sub-Screen technology for exceptional water repellency. The Novashock also features the WickClip system.

• Seams are taped, blind-stitched and glued for watertight durability, all cross seams are reinforced patched
• WickClip lets you clip your skirt out of the way for portages and serves as a hanger at the end of the day
• Aramid coaming, large gauge, super-stretch rubber rand provides a bombproof, secure fit
• Super stretch neoprene waist, Sub-screen neoprene deck