Bargain Basement

Find the unbelievably crazy insane never-before-seen first-come-first-serve knock-your-socks-off deals on closeouts* and recycled gear that you've come to expect from Next Adventure in the Bargain Basement. 

While you're down there check out the Trading Post. If you've got gear you want to recycle, Next Adventure is always buying quality used sporting goods to keep the deals circulating.

Here's a helpful guide to some of our most abundant used gear in the Bargain Basement.

  • camping equipment

  • snowboards and skis

  • apparel

  • tents and sleeping bags

  • helmets

  • boots and shoes

  • bicycling equipment


*Psst...if you're scratching your head about the "closeout" thing here's the scoop. Closeouts are new items and can be anything from extra merchandise that our suppliers need to move out for next year's products to items with minor cosmetic imperfections (nothing that affects function). That means big savings for us and, in turn, big savings for you. And that is how we roll.

Next Adventure Bargain Basement