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Gear Review: Next Adventure Shop Skateboard Deck

Next Adventure staffer and shop deck artist Andy gives us his review of the PS Stix crafted shop deck!  Read more for a full review of the skateboard and a step-by-step picture of the artwork process.

"My Five" With Willis Kimbel

In this episode of ‘My Five’ at Alli Sports, Willis digs in his skate roots with five classic tricks.

"Trippin" With Willis Kimbel And Creature

Next Adventure's, Willis Kimbel,  has been on the road with Creature killing it! Here Creature's Darren Navarrette, Al Partanen, Adrian Mallory, Willis Kimbel, Sam Hitz and Taylor Bingaman along with Chet Childress and a few friends roll out to Colorado with The Skateboard Mag's Bart Jones and Ed Dominick to shred some killer spots.
(Part 1 of 2)

Willis Kimbel In The Park, Estacada Oregon

Next Adventure team rider, Willis Kimbel, heads to Estacada Oregon with Taylor Bingaman, Silent Mike, Devin Appelo, Sean Conover and friends of Creature Skateboards.
This Dreamland built park is worth the trip and these Creature kids give it a proper session!
Look out for Willis' up coming Creature video part! Its getting wrapped up now and will be released this December.

Next Adventure Skate Jam at Common Wealth Park

Joe and Baca from our NA skate team recently put together a free skate night at the Common Wealth skate park. They held a best trick contest and had a good session all around. Baca put together this short fun video of the evening. Hope to see you there next time!

Skate School In Session!

For the past two months I've taught an after school skateboard class at the Ron Russell Middle School. The class was able to get started after Next Adventure & "The Wildlife with Jeremy" on Comcast Sports Network donated ten skateboards and helmets to the school program. It was great getting to skate with all the kids. Several of them had never riden a skateboard before but by the end of the class they all were pushing around and having fun.

Willis Kimbel Is An Official Creature!

Creature has officially welcomed Willis Kimbel to its squad of fiends with this new video. Hes been paying his dues in contests, magazines, demos, and video parts while on flow with Creature for the past couple of years or more. Now he has earned an official place on the team! Congrats Willis! Next Adventure and Portland skaters are proud.

Willis Kimbel Skating With The Legends

Next Adventure rider, Willis Kimbel, has been on the road skating with legends such as Tony Hawk, Lance Mountain, Steve Caballero, Steve Alba, Mike McGill, and Chritian Hosoi to name a few. He competed in the ProTec Pool Party last week and also made an apperance at the Badlands Bash in Upland, CA. Heres a video from Tony Hawk with an apperance of Willis and many others at Badlands.

Brian Baca Skates For Next Adventure

I first met Brian last summer when he took first place in our skate contest at the Common Wealth Skate park. Since then he has been busy and his sponsorship list has grown to include Organica Skateboards, Jivaro Wheels, DVS shoes, Lucky Bearings, and Independent Trucks.