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HB Alloy Offsets - Single

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Alloy Offsets protect irregular and flared cracks that regular nuts cannot. Every size of Alloy Offset has a robust 12kN strength rating. The wires they are mounted on are set into a recess to reduce wear, while larger sizes have holes that reduce weight. Use in conjunction with Wallnuts for comprehensive all season crack protection.

  • Asymmetrical taper gives stable placements in offset cracks - Nuts with an offset taper protect cracks where normal nuts would not sit properly, such as flared cracks and peg scars. Use in combination with normal nuts to find security in almost any crack.
  • Allows placement in two orientations for increased versatility - Passive protection can be placed either side or face on, doubling the number of cracks any single piece can protect.
  • Grooved faces improve security in irregular rock - Wallnuts and Offsets have a groove machined into their faces, allowing them to sit better in irregular placements and on highly featured rock. This makes them more versatile across different rock types.
  • Colour coded for easy size identification - The DMM protection range is colour coded for quick and easy size selection. Colours are co-ordinated across passive and active protection, for quick selection of alternatives if your first choice doesn’t fit.
  • Passive protection works in wet and icy conditions - Passive protection works by jamming in constrictions to prevent falls. It is suitable for use in all conditions. Unlike active protection such as cams, passive protection can be used in wet or icy cracks, where friction is reduced.


HB Alloy Offsets

Product NameColourStrengthWeightRangeConformance
HB Alloy Offset 7 Gold 12kN 27g 12.0 / 15.1mm EN 12270:2013
HB Alloy Offset 8 Blue 12kN 30g 13.5 / 17.9mm EN 12270:2013
HB Alloy Offset 9 Red 12kN 37g 17.1 / 21.4mm EN 12270:2013
HB Alloy Offset 10 Grey 12kN 45g 19.4 / 25.1mm EN 12270:2013
HB Alloy Offset 11 Turquoise 12kN 56g 23.2 / 30.0mm EN 12270:2013