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EGB2 Snow Goggles

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Just like the flexibility and radness you exert while taking laps at your local resort or mountain, Electric's EGB2 Goggles match up well, especially for those who dream in bluebird days. 


  • The Electric EGB2 Frame is made from an ergonomic thermo-plastic urethane mold injection, which means they are very soft and flexible, and fit easily to your face. Not only form-fitting, the triple layer foam used on the EGB2 Goggles will remind you of putting your face into the fresh side of your pillow time and time again.

  • Polycarbonate chrome lenses used on the EGB2 provide optimal vision in mostly-sunny conditions, bouncing bright rays out, and let you focus on enjoying your flows. 

  • The EGB2 lens is also over-sized and cylindrical in shape for a wide peripheral view. These goggles use breathable foam and an anti-fog / anti-scratch coating to keep your peepers fixated on the upcoming obstacles when you're riding all out.

  •  Ride with a beanie or a helmet with the 40mm, dual adjustable strap.