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2 Day Backcountry Cooking Trip
2 Day Backcountry Cooking Trip

2 Day Backcountry Cooking Trip

Destination: Hawk Mtn Trail, Mt. Hood National Forest

Where we meet: Next Adventure 8:00 AM, return to shop by 5:00 PM

Duration: 2 Days, 1 Night

Cost: $250

Experience Necessary: Backcountry experience recommended but not required

Equipment Provided: Next Adventure will provide meals, cookware (however personal utensils will not be provided), basic backpacking equipment as needed, and experienced guides with knowledge of backcountry cooking.

Ever wanted to learn how to cook better meals while in the backcountry? Well, this is your opportunity to get a jump start on your skills. We will teach you how to plan your meals and cook like a chef in the backcountry. Everything from different types of stoves to cooking pots utensils and clean up.

On the Backcountry Cooking Trip, our knowledgeable guides will teach you how to cook in the backcountry while maintaining a clean environment. We will go over different types of stoves, cooking utensils, LNT principles, clean-up and proper disposal of greywater and scraps.




What's included:

-Trip Planning & Pre-Trip Info
-Free Gear Rental: Tent, stove, sleeping bag, sleep pad & backpack (if you need them)
-Meals (2 lunches, 2 dinners, 1 breakfast)
-Transportation to and from shop in a smooth-riding van
-Qualified Drivers and Experienced Guides
-The low-down on how to stay warm, safe and comfortable on the trail
-Natural Interpretation of flora, fauna, geology and local history
-Snacks and water treatment

What Topics are Covered:

-What to wear - staying warm & dry
-Selecting the right gear for you
-light and fast options
-Routefinding - Map & Compass
-Trail Etiquette & Leave No Trace
-To build a fire
-Water treatment
-Food prep, storage & clean-up
-Safety & First aid
-Tents & shelters
-Sleeping bags & liners
-Sleep pads & insulation
-Stoves & cookware
-Wilderness considerations
-Wildlife, plants, geology & history

What you need to bring:

-Sturdy hiking shoes with synthetic or wool socks (2 sets)
-Hiking apparel (anything but cotton) (2 sets)
-Water (2 quart capacity) & - snacks if you have special dietary needs
-Sun and rain gear
-Headlamp/flashlight & batteries
-Lightweight mug and/or bowl
-Spoon or spork
-Personal hygiene and medications
-Your sense of awe and wonder
-Your trail essentials (see below)

Things you may want to bring:

-Trekking poles
-Notebook / sketchbook
-Field guide
-Backpacking chair

"Trail Essentials"

-Map & Compass
-Water & Extra Food
-Extra Clothing Layers & Rain Gear
-Sun Gear (sunglasses, sunblock, hat)
-First Aid Kit & personal meds
-Matches/lighter & firestarter
-Gear repair kit & Emergency survival kit
-Toilet paper in 2 plastic bags

For questions, contact us at [email protected]