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Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga
Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga

Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga

SUP Yoga
Your most serene yoga studio awaits in the beautiful Willamette River. Whether you are ready for a change in scenery, or to challenge yourself with a new form of practice, our Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga courses will bring you and your body in harmony with the forest, sun, and water.
Never tried paddle boarding or yoga before? Never tried them together? Our Yoga Session is perfect for you. People who have less than two years of experience in yoga, occasionally practice,  or who never tried yoga will find an open and welcoming session for all skill and backgrounds. This is also a great class for those that have a little more experience. For you yogi masters we have higher level modifications that can be done to poses throughout the session. Be ready to be challenged in balancing poses and passive asana with brief holds of standing postures, but this adaptive session focuses on tuning you into your body, the board and the water surrounding rather than pushing the limits of balance. Most importantly, the beautiful Willamette River provides an incredible space for meditation and pranayama, the extension of breath and life force, which centers the body at the end of our sessions.
5 and 10 Session Passes Available
 Private Sessions Available
Session Details
Location: Sellwood Park
Time: 90 minutes, including warm-up, session and cool down [9:00 AM on Sundays & 6:00 PM on Thursdays]
Cost: $40
Experience Necessary: No experience required
Equipment Needed: All necessary equipment will be provided.